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 article about Water

The search is never-ending,

Like a river,

Flowing on its course.


Sometimes one has sea life as friends,

Other times it is still,



Is it better to be part of the glorified Dead Sea,

Where you are at the lowest sea level,

But at the highest price?


Or be part of the sparkling blue-green,

Moving and coursing,

Teaming with life?


Perhaps being water is exciting,

To be a cloud and see from the sky,

Then drop to the lowest depths of the earth in the oceans.


To become black and be together with thunder and lightning,

And also have the power,

To reflect rainbows to the sight of the world.


Having seen urban in the sewage and the drains,

The factories and the plants,

Then drop back to nature's plants in the soil.


A drop of water can be clean,

Then dirty,

Then clean again.


Oh, to be water,

Ode to that,

This is life!

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