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Spenders vs Savers

 article about Spenders vs Savers

Having a good time is important,

To some pleasure seeking folks,

To them, what is life-

If you don't go out and live life?


Why are you dressed like this?

No style.

And your hair and skin are not so good.



You want money?

Money is meant to be spent, don't you think so?

Not for hoarding and saving,

Wake up!


And so the commercial world agrees,

With goods in tantalizing displays,

Credit which can be used for purchase,

Where one is borrowing against the future.


And so the savers versa the spenders,

Where savers start quietly building their savings,

And spenders go out and have a good time,

Life is good.


And as the years go by,

Having traveled more and enjoyed more goods,

The spenders will go up to the savers and say,

"Hey, lend me money can or not? I'm broke."


That will come the day.

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