There were cheers. "We got the baby! We got the baby!"


The duck, chicken and pig spirits were dancing happily in a circle, anticipating the ransom due them. The duck was particularly happy. He was rich but he loved money and was a scrooge.


Inside, the baby was wailing. He was hungry.


"For goodness sake, go and gag the baby," growled the duck spirit.


The spirits tried. The baby's lungs were very powerful. Nothing worked. Finally, they tried masking tape and it worked.


At this point of time, the pig spirit started having doubts.


"He is after all going to be king of the universe. Shouldn't we take him home?" the pig snorted.


"Wah! Wah!" wailed the baby.


Having a soft spot, finally, the pig spirit telephoned the home number of the baby's house.


"Hello? Hello? Who's there?" the kitchen girl asked.


No reply. However, the kitchen girl heard the sound of crickets in the background.


"The cemetery! Maybe the baby's there!"




- To be continued -