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Introducing the Magical Family from China

 article about Introducing the Magical Family from China

There was, and still is, a magical family from China. Now, this group of family consists of many surnames, but the three known are - Tay, Chen and Wong. These are the three that are the most known in society, and the least dangerous.


This family had been slowly built for centuries in China. The inter-marriages between them was fostered with the motive of collaboration between the richest and brightest families in China.


The Tays are actually the least dangerous. They are the materialistic ones. They use their magical powers to make money. You just look at their faces. They are very pleasant when they have money, but whoa- once they have none, they turn brutally evil. Yet, they are the nicest among this group of family.


The Wongs are mostly very milky white in colour and are very well groomed. The women like to think of themselves as virtuous, and they run the households with an iron hand. However, when you look at them, one gets the feeling that this virtue is not steeped within them, but is rather like a layer that you can peel off very easily, if you just try.


The Wongs are often sarcastic and like to make snide comments. They also push anybody under them ruthlessly and relentlessly. They are hard outside and also hard inside. Tough as nails, this group is.


The Chens are obscure. They are the ones with the least magic in the family, and are really made up of many variations of the same genes. However, one thing common about them is that they like "face". Once you don't give them "face", they turn nasty. So, be sure to be very polite with them.


There is an extended branch of this family that very few know of, and they are hard to spot. This group is the one who are prophets and do not desire money. This group is the core backbone of the family and the ones you don't want to trifle with.


One common thread bunches the entire family. There is an eerie beauty about them. They are all very beautiful and handsome, but when you look at them, one gets the feeling that the beauty does not belong to them, and that they are actually very ugly or average.


But why introduce them? This is a very big concern of mine. Because almost the entire family has migrated to Singapore after a near-war with the authorities in China.


- to be continued -


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