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Ten Things People Do to Keep Up Appearances

 article about Ten Things People Do to Keep Up Appearances

1.      They keep on talking on the telephone when you are in their office.


2.      They say that they have many appointments and meetings so you have to book a slot in advance to meet them.


3.      They offer to pay (usually drinks or snacks) when you do finally meet up with them.


4.      They tell you their mother visits the gym, spa, shops . . . and high tea! (especially high tea)


5.      They frequently flash their credit cards.


6.      They buy many items in your presence.


7.      They say they spend $$$ on this facial, that dress . . . .


8.      They buy a car (on horrendous installments)


9.      When they don't buy a car, they repeatedly inform you how frequently and how much they spend on cabs.


10.  They say, my boyfriend/husband earns/spends/gives XXX amount to his parents.




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