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 article about Void

What are you, pray tell?

There is no answer,



When we are empty,

When there is longing-

There is this immense thirst hankered after.


But what are we hankering for?

For what we know not.

Except this is the state of being alive.


If being alive is to have a hole within you,

That is-

Or is it?


We are told by pastors and priests.

Be fit we fill you up with God's love,

Is it true?


Many others start putting drugs or alcohol into you,

A short escape,

But not permanent alas!


Many perhaps start entering into the equation of void,

The answer eludes-

A brave attempt now…


Perhaps the void is born out of necessity,

To curb selfishness and the survival instinct,

And lessen the world of violence and blood.


When people need one another,

To foster relationships and find love,

Whatever one's depiction of love is.


A seemingly true ring to this so-called explanation.

Are you there, void?

Answer me please…



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