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The Magical Baby and the Kitchen Girl

 article about The Magical Baby and the Kitchen Girl

There was once a very powerful magical baby. He is destined to rule the entire universe.


This baby was the child of a magical couple, who were really nice, on all counts. However, they had one flaw: ill-treating of their servants. The butler, in particular, was getting increasingly exasperated with this ill treatment coupled with a paltry salary.


One day, the butler whispered to the African nanny,  "The people from the dark side have telephoned me to smuggle the baby out of the house. We will get a cut from the ransom. What do you say?"


The African nanny was already starving the baby during meal times for her own personal revenge, so doubtless to say, she agreed readily to the proposal.


The night came, the plot had been set.


"Put this in the baby's milk," hissed the people from the dark side. "It will make him sleep."


The clock struck. Everything went according to plan. The African nanny slipped the substance into the baby's milk, the baby feel asleep and the butler smuggled the baby out.


And then the kitchen girl came to the cot and saw the baby missing.


"Where is he?" she whispered.



- To be continued -

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