There were, and still are, seven princesses and five princes. The rule of the game is: there can only be four kings and four queens on the good side, with an additional clause; the seventh princess must definitely be chosen, for she is heart. Without her, the entire galaxy will be devoid of "heart".

The penalty of the game is that two princesses will be sent to fill up the black hole in the galaxy, for there are two princesses who belong to the dark side. Their souls and existence will then be forever lost in the entire galaxy. One prince and one princess will be the royalty ruling evil.

Given this cruel game, the princes obviously have the upper hand. There is one problem; all the five princes love the seventh princess. There is a clause; the seventh princess is the only one out of the seven princesses who gets to choose her prince. She must choose right; otherwise; "heart" will be lost and the entire galaxy will be in disharmony. The prince she chooses and she will be the ones sitting on the throne on the good side. There is another rule only the prince of evil knows; he need not be the prince of evil if he can win the hand of the seventh princess.

The seventh princess loves her other sisters a lot and is troubled by the choice she must make. Due to the rules of the game, she was and is subjected to many acts of sibling jealousy and was and is still the target of envy. She became very sad and depressed.

Throughout their lifetimes, there is one word to the game that the five princes and seven princesses must play. The word is "taxes". This is the one word given to them by the people.

And so there are many cases of sibling rivalry, with the problem particularly aggravated between sisters. And did you notice there are more twins, triplets and quadruplets recently, particularly the female sex?

There is only one number that can resolve the problem of the black hole. At press time, it appears to be "9". Somebody on Planet Earth must develop on the round robin theory to work out the magic formula.

45 is a very strong number related to the black hole as well. 4-5 = -1 but
4 + 5= 9. This is the first step to develop the magic formula in order to appease the black hole.

The solution may, and only may, be solved through poker cards. A hand of poker, anyone? Or maybe you'd like to check SuperCasino and play a few hands?