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Of Poverty and Riches

 article about Of Poverty and Riches

You see me in glamorous clothes,

And in a beautiful big house,

But do you know the story,

That lies within these walls?


I see only the riches,

You know not my wretchedness,

In cramped settings,

And scant money for a living.


My parents are virtuous, thist true,

But oft I have nobody to talk to,




Money is many people's quest,

So do you know not,

How fortunate you are,

With no need or want?


When the day comes that you be rich,

You will know money cannot buy happiness,

You may not understand now,

But you will once you accomplish your goal.


Rich parents means less family time,

Many hours in silence,

Of late I have a cat to play with,

And grateful am I of even this tiny blessing.


I have to borrow and beg,

Cheat and lie,

My children are hungry,

And my wife sad.


Then hear me,

Hard work never hurts a man,

Combined with a sensible plan of savings,

Thist enough to get you by.


There is no fast track to riches,

It is not for the spendthrift or lazy,

A day in work,

Works out to a day of earnings.


Once you have enough money,

And decide when enough is enough,

Perhaps you will have time for your children,

Who do not end up lonely like me.


Know you not of jealousy and envy?

I am oft the target of greedy people,

Who only see me as a cash cow,

Just another human being to be made use of.


I only know no money no honey,

I must have a car at least,

And a smoke,

And go out sometimes.


I try hard,

But work is not easy,

Many times do I find it tiring,

And a paltry salary exasperating.



Thist life not fair,

But in my view,

Education for your children,

Is a good way to go.


With education comes knowledge,

Knowledge empowerment,

Empowerment wealth,

The cycle of poverty broken.


But think not only of money,

But what your life's goal is,

Once you know your goal,

All the pieces will fall into place.


I got fired,

And my mortgage is due,

My family is hungry,

And I am too.


As a rich kid,

I got fired too,

Oft by the lower classes,

With grudges against the upper classes.


You say life is unfair,

As a rich kid,

I have no money of my own,

Just a home that my parents own.


Am oft the target of fraud,

Many times have I gladly lent,

And this my own money,

Not from my parents' nest egg.


You make mock ridicule,

Of me only being friends with the educated,

Well, from past experience,

A rich kid cannot befriend those with no education and no money too.


Not that I haven't tried,

But this combination is lethal,

Like a parasite,

Sucking my blood dry.


This parable is to let you know,

Being a rich kid with no money is a tiring chore,

Please have mercy and leave me alone,

And let me earn my living in peace, thank you.







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