You want a happy poem?

That is not on the list today.

The mood is not here,

The setting is not right.


I will tell you a secret about the media,

I enjoy reading Cleo since I was young,

Wear all those nice clothes,

And envision myself as a celebrity.


The technique of celebrity endorsement,

And all the products they are using,

Is simply a piper's flute music,

To lure you to the products of capitalism.


The advertising revenue, alas-

A pain in the neck for many in the media,

Wanting objectivity and the truth.



But what is truth?

So many see and hear the same phenomenon,

There are so many facets,

What is objectivity- the journalist's perception of truth?


There are weary people privileged to read and hear the news,

Working long and dreary hours to earn a living,

Sometimes they want a bit of fun and laughter,

And escape between the pages of a magazine to be entrenched in a little bit of escapism.


Most people in the world know truth while earning a living,

They are sick of acting as diplomats during work,

And want to live out their dreams sometimes,

And live a little while in lies.


There are many people in the world,

Who know they are being deceived,

And want to continue being deceived,

And believe in lies.


Why do you think women hear sweet-talk,

They know you are sweet-talking,

But they want to hear your lies,

That is the truth.


Advertising can be seen as part of the media content,

Do not the pages of advertisement coupled with slogans in the pages,

Tell you something about the publication as well?

Why not?



But most people spend money to help themselves or be entertained,

Then they will plonk down their hard cash,

For the hard truth.


Be deceived,

Live and little while in a dream.

And be drunk,

In the rhythm of the words.



Is a society perfect?

I know not and do not desire to be part of a perfect society,

The angst of growing as a society is part of the entry into civilization.


You want truth?

Be warned- truth may not sell.

Or you may even find the masses angry with you and becoming a mob for your truth.


Truth or dare?

Why is it truth or dare?

Or have you never wondered?


So you want the truth?

This is the truth about media.

Welcome to the "The Cheers"!