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Editor-in-chief man of The Cheers. Happily writing good and the bad and the ugly. And why not some, and then some more, nonsense in between. "Make a move.Get in the game.What, you gonna get hurt? Have a beautiful trainwreck" - Cupid, Trevor Hales
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Could a 10th Grand Slam final between Djokovic and Nadal be in store at the Australian Open?
The tennis lives of these two have collided so many times in the past. The Spaniard and the Serb have met in nine previous Grand Slam finals, and with Djokovic and Nadal the top two favourites in the 2021 Australian Open odds, there’s every chance their paths will cross once again in the final of the Melbourne tourna... continue reading
How Technology Has Transformed Healthcare
The procedures and capabilities in the modern healthcare industry have grown exponentially over the past century. It is possible to distinguish these developments by a few categories: medical equipment, data collection/record-keeping, and research.Medical EquipmentIt would not be possible to treat patients on the scale... continue reading
Unexplained Science: People drink more when sober
A study conducted by the world's best known science lab, The Cheers Weird Science Lab (TCWSL), shows that sober people tend to drink more than drunk people. Study shows that the more people have drank, the less they will drink afterward.
TCWSL studied the behavior of people from all around the globe to reach t... continue reading
NRA uses firearms massacres to do better gun lobby
NRA, the National Rifle Association, has long been using firearms massacres to promote their products - guns. Their answer to any kind of gun related killing is to give more guns to more people. If you thought we're living in a utopia, and that would somehow take the guns off the hands of people who shouldn't have them... continue reading
The awesome and not so awesome things about working for yourself
Recently I've met a number of people, who after hearing what I do (for living?) tell me that it sounds awesome. And based on what they think I'm doing I can't disagree. Well, I often couldn't disagree with it one way or another, as much of it really is awesome. However, as with everything, there are the bits and pieces... continue reading
How (NOT) to fix and build things
There's always been the common sense statement around that says - you're not rich enough to get it done cheaply. Well, maybe not exactly that saying, for my point also the following works - it's cheaper to hire people who know what they are doing than to do it yourself. Or, if you do it yourself, please, just for a sec... continue reading
10 Indisputable Facts God Exists
Although the world as we know was coming to an end already back in 2012 and people, our people, were still divided by a fine line, we are still here. One side believes in the existence of the higher power while the other still likes the sperm in the exploding tube theory which resulted in dinosaurs, monkeys, billions o... continue reading
What does the FCC rollback of 'net neutrality' really mean?
On Thursday last week The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net-neutrality rules that said all websites, or all web traffic, must be treated equally by service providers. Now the federal government has rolled back the Obama-era rule.

What it means in general is that your internet provider or mobile c... continue reading
Exploring The History Of Online Chat Rooms
The Internet has changed significantly over the past few years. Today, the Internet is more accessible and more convenient than ever before. In the past, this wasn't the case. Few people had access to the Internet and dial-up was very slow. Nevertheless, the Internet was still fun even in those days. Even with a dial-u... continue reading
B.o.B to send himself to space, permanently, needs $200 000
Or to be precise, yesterday he was asking for $200 000 on his Gofundme page. Today he seems to have realized that space travel, paraphrasing our big leader Donald Trump, is more complicated than he thought, who knew? So today is seems to have increased his initial ask of $200 000 to $1 million. So far, 89 people have d... continue reading
NASA Space Applications Challenge Tells Humanities Stories with Help of Max Polyakov
The NASA Space Apps contest is a hackathon which pits groups of amateur against each other to find a solution that the best professionals in the field are working on. For a long time, it has attracted the most brilliant to share their talents to better humanity.

The contest for this year has assembled fifteen thousa... continue reading
Beer is ACTUALLY good for you
I've personally always looked at beer as healthy thing - after all, it's all water and vitamins, you just need to be careful not to get a vitamin overdose. Yes, I know, I'm weird.

But recent studies show that moderate drinking can actually be good for you. For example one of the latest studies published in a journal... continue reading
Microchips implanted in workers hands
And they did it willingly.

(So if you were looking for a scandal, move on.)

Workers at the Three Square Market will soon get a microchip in their hands to identify themselves. The microchip will be used to log into computers, enter the office, or even to buy a snack.

Only workers who agree to have a microchip... continue reading
3 Outstanding Destinations to Visit in the USA
Thinking of traveling to the United States of America? The land of liberty and freedom is filled with amazing places to visit, food to taste and cultures to experience. Traveling the USA will take years if you plan to do it all in one trip.

Most of us don't have this kind of time available, so if you are planning yo... continue reading
Are you willing to give up alcohol to see Trump impeached?
Even if you're not, it seems majority of Americans might be up for it.

According to a recent survey of roughly 1000 people across the United States, 73 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of Republicans would be ready to give up alcohol and live their lives without daily hangover from there on if the process of get... continue reading
Promoting your business, what channels to use
If you have a business, whether you've already run it for years or why not decades, or if you have just created it in hopes of succeeding, in addition to providing a great product or service that customers would go for and actually like or need, you also need to find a way how to find those potential customers in the f... continue reading
The results are in: the world officially hates Trump
The popularity of the U.S. president in other countries can vary, obviously, depending on what he does or doesn't do, if he decides to help other countries or doesn't. That's understandable without saying. And popularity of a president can depend a lot on whether he decides to provide aid to the other country in questi... continue reading
Woman offered a dinner instead of $43 million jackpot
Katrina Bookman won $43 million jackpot with a slot machine in Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York, but after the casino checked it, they said that the machine had malfunctioned, and the winnings are void, instead they offered her a complimentary steak dinner and $2.25 which she obviously rejected.

The $43 mill... continue reading
Theresa May wants to ban crypto, and make her sensitive data accessible to everyone
...and she doesn't even know it.

After the London terror attacks Theresa May made a wild statement, basically calling for banning cryptography. She said that "We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet and the big companies that provide internet-based serv... continue reading
UPDATED: My lottery winnings from totally legitimate lotteries
Sometimes I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world. I keep winning with random lotteries pretty much daily, sometimes it's hundreds of thousands, sometimes it's millions. And the best part, I never have to buy a lottery ticket for it. Usually I just win the money because I have a good email address, sometimes s... continue reading
French election results due today after 6pm GMT
French elections are taking place today, the poll stations opened at 8am and close at 7pm (or 8 pm in some big cities) local time. Early results are expected soon after, at around 6pm GMT.

The two choices that made it through the first round of 11 candidates in April 23 can't be much more different - centrist Emmanu... continue reading
Stephen Fry investigated for blasphemy
Stephen John Fry, an English comedian, is investigated for alleged blasphemy in the Republic of Ireland after a claim was made by a viewer saying that Fry's comments on TV were blasphemous.

If found guilty, Fry could be charged with a criminal offence under Defamation Act.

In the Republic of Ireland blasphemy is... continue reading
Bored at the airport? 5 fun things to do while waiting for the plane
I'm a frequent traveller, and more often than I'd like to admit, I've been travelling with cheap airlines. It isn't bad all by itself. However, if it's not a direct flight, it can often mean that you need to stay at the airport the entire night. While sometimes you really feel like sleeping and find yourself a few seat... continue reading
President Trump discovers health care is complicated
Donald Trump, the leader for the free world, just discovered that health care is complicated. In the beginning of the week he said that "I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated."

In his tiny world, yes, nobody probably knew. But people on earth, espec... continue reading
Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares
Low cost airline Norwegian is planning to start offering transatlantic flights with ticket prices starting at just $65 one way.

Norwegian is planning to start flying on 10 new routes between United States and Europe starting from mid June 2017.

Considering the current lowest prices, the $65 price tag will defini... continue reading
Animals who inherited millions from their owners
You're working hard, trying to get your bills paid on time, trying to earn some money for life, travel, food, drinks, most of us can only imagine being rich, or inheriting a motherload from our great-great-great granduncles we have probably never seen. And the latter - how often does it actually happen? If you ... continue reading
The horse, the track, and the shortcuts
I remember from my Uni years, or actually from the very beginning, that if I actually wanted to get somewhere, I should never take a shortcut in the unknown. My department was in the other side of the town, and I had never been there before. The first time I went there, I walked to downtown from the central bus... continue reading
New games coming out in 2017
This year a number of new games came out for the gaming enthusiasts out there, games such as Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, Final Fantasy Explorers, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman – Episode 4 Thailand, and hundreds more. During next year, 2017, we'll definitely not be seeing any less great titles coming out. Let'... continue reading
Fake news sites? You seem like an educated person, please act like one!
Recently I sent an email out to one Linkedin contact asking if he's interested in advertising on either or The answer was "They all look like fake news sites...which they probably are. I really hope no one is actually advertising on your website! If they are, please send them are way!"

... continue reading
Best Fictional Statues in The World
Traditionally statues were erected as a sign of royalty, wealth and power. Most cities around the world have at least one statue of an iconic citizen such as the Churchill figure in Parliament Square London.

All around the world you can see statues that are in honour or events such as the Statue of Liberty in New Y... continue reading
PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments
Almost everyone would have heard of PayPal by now, as it has become one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. It is used by freelancers, business owners and those simply wanting to do a little bit of online shopping.
PayPal has an easy to use, mobile friendly interface, is pretty much compl... continue reading
Kiiking - a second between heaven and earth
"Better than sex, but not as good as narcotics" was said out loud by a guy who had just tried an Estonian extreme sport called Kiiking for the first time.
Kiiking is an extreme sport that started off in Estonia in 1997. It's a sport based on simple swinging, but it provides a lot more to both the spectator an... continue reading
Did you know that you are a shoe?
Everyone knows the expression but not many people act on it. To start with, you may be the boss of a large organization, you may be the project manager, you may be the one doing the actual communications with clients and potential clients. But what you really are is a shoe. And in order for anyone to buy a shoe... continue reading
Sponsored: Start your day with Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's Denny's
Denny's family restaurant introduced its Grand Slam breakfast already back in 1977. The breakfast consists of pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bacon. My mind is screwed up, I'm fully aware of it, but to me personally it reminds me of a more filling French crepe. When eating pancakes at home I usually always go with bacon/... continue reading
Sponsored: Are you up for some fruity IPA?
When I was just a bit younger, let's say something about 10 years ago, the beer I enjoyed the most was the most generic one. And what I mean about that is - every country you go to seems to have anywhere from one to two main, most known beer brands, and the most popular beers in the country are usually one or t... continue reading
Rising Truck Accidents: Causes and Remedy
Better safety features have helped reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities in recent decades. The trucking industry, however, hasn't kept up with this trend. In fact, some areas have seen increased traffic accidents for multiple reasons because there are more trucks on the road. Read on to find ou... continue reading
Snowboarding for the first time
Have you ever done something with a snowboard? Maybe just turned a somersault with it down the hill or something similar. If you haven’t, you’ve missed something really great. And it’s time to fix this mistake! You won’t regret it.

Unless you brake an arm or leg or something similar, of course. But that’s f... continue reading
Our own comic Lue Deck publishes "Stand-up Decoded"!
In his highly informative and contagiously hilarious memoir-slash-guide, “Stand-up Decoded” (published by Xlibris), author Lue Deck pens down a plethora of reportage, rants, rituals, essays and extremely tall tales that expose the secrets to stand-up. Written to help new comics improve their learning curve and honor th... continue reading
Fake-news author killed by 3 one-legged prostitutes
WASHINGTON, March 21 – Harry Twohooter was found in Dexter’s Laboratory dead naked. His hair had been tweezed out one by one. Police thinks it’s a job of a hair collector. "Considering the amount of hair Harry had and the way all his red curls had been taken out of his head, we have a reason to believe it wasn’t his ma... continue reading - the best place to save huge on hotel rooms
Just recently I happened to find myself on a new hotel booking site called TravelPony. Why pony? As they say on their site, getting hotel rooms with better prices than anywhere else could be compared to getting yourself a pony you've always wanted.

What makes them different from other big hotel booking websites is ... continue reading
Top 6 Pre-Game Sports Rituals and Superstitions That Are Just Plain Odd
You’ll just be amazed and shocked at how superstitious sportsmen actually are. Perhaps this is not surprising given the fact that players often find themselves in a constant state of superstitious optimism. Whether it’s wearing the same jockstrap, avoiding cleaning their dirt-filled socks or just taking a few laps arou... continue reading
My Farked up life!
Greetings, readers of The Cheers, creatures of the Earth. Today is the day when The Cheers found a new, especially creative, fabulous, nice looking, and extremely sexy.... Writer. A writer, THE WRITER, who can actually write. No, no, I'm not suggesting that other writers can't write... they can, they really can, but...... continue reading
Top 5 Ways A Country Can Boost Its Economy
It’s not been a flush past few years for most countries. The global economy has struggled to cope as people, businesses, and governments drive themselves further into debt. Amidst the mud and the mire, banks are collapsing, pubs are closing, and politicians are sweating about their budgets.

But there are ple... continue reading
Appreciating failures – the good, the bad and the ugly
Many business owners do not appreciate failure. But the problem with this approach is there can be no failure only if you do what you have always done or what others have always done and what you know that works; sometimes somehow anyhow.

This means you will never try nor let your employees try anything different wh... continue reading
Taking risks will get you ahead
Everyone wants to win big, in business in life, in sports or whatever else. However, most people want to win without betting. Without risking. We don’t want to take any big risks, whether necessary or unnecessary. Life is a gamble, you know it. And in order to win, you need to place bets. Most of us however try... continue reading
Advertising that sells?
We all have seen very stylish and great looking ads, ads that are interesting to watch and that win awards. Ads that you remember for weeks after you last saw them. Ads you talk about with your friends, ads that you sometimes wish you had created yourself. But do they sell? Do they make you remember the product... continue reading
Long-term plan is an illusion
I have never been fond of long-term planning. I mean planning ahead, too far ahead. And there's a good reason for that. While certain people claim they can predict the world – e.g., financial analysts, business advisors and so on, the world is not predictable.

Think of the biggest stock market crashes, those analyst... continue reading
Lessons in Economy: My Debt is Bigger than Yours
Is it just me or have we really become a society where we don't have anything to brag about anymore, discussing our debts in the bar with our friends, the one with with bigger debt always wins the argument. It seems as if the only thing in this world left is money and for some reason, it's not ours, but the banks, the ... continue reading
The lineup for Sydney Festival 2014 revealed
The lineup for Sydney Festival 2014 was recently revealed and among the performances you can expect to see a lot of known names like Chaka Khan, Amanda Palmer, Lee Ronaldo, Mike Patton, Mike Mills. Just to mention a few names you might be familiar with. But this is just a drop in the water as actually the festival goer... continue reading
Top 5 Canadian Credit Cards for Travel Rewards
Let's face it, traveling is expensive. With airlines and hotels constantly raising their rates, it should come as no surprise that most travelers try their best to save anywhere they can. If you are constantly seeking out new horizons on a budget, yet only return home with photos, some good memories, and a hefty bill, ... continue reading
We're all aliens, I’ve got the proof!
The crazy editor is back. Cry if you like it, laugh if you don't. Some of you have read my previous column called "My Farked up life", some of you haven't. Don't worry, you have not really lost anything if you haven't, except for some sick monkey sex stories, bank robberies with green aliens and of course the curse of ... continue reading
Editorial: Online Gambling Addiction
Gambling addiction is one of the three main addictions ruining the lives of millions of people around the globe. The other two being alcohol and drugs. While gambling doesn't really harm your health, according to some scientists it might even be a good way to lose weight considering you might lose up to 300 calories an... continue reading
Jingle contest offers $25 000 for the winner, but you could win $10k just for voting
If you are a legal resident of any of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia and are at least 18 years old, you should head over to Folgers website and sign up for a voting reminder.

Folgers Jingle contest's panel of judges is currently trying to decide which ten submissions of the iconic Folgers jingle "... continue reading
Don't like sports? Then why not tune in for Super Bowl just for the ads!
Super Bowl, the biggest sports event for the year, is taking place on February 3rd. Over the years this sporting event is known to glue the most viewers to their TV screens. Even if we say that 100 million people are often watching it, we're not lying, or if we are, the number we are suggesting might be actually lower ... continue reading
What was Your first computer like?
Before I got my first computer, I had used a lot of computers like 386 or even 286. These were the computers I had at my school's computer class. They were slow and ugly, but let's be honest, at that time we didn't even know what else to wish for. You could play some stupid text based games, check email using telnet, d... continue reading
When being green actually pays off, literally
Green thinking and green living has always been linked to doing something differently, causing yourself more headaches and allowing yourself less things. I know this kind of thinking is stupid, but it has seemed to me like that anyhow. You know all that recycling stuff and driving less and ... you know, I can understan... continue reading
Confessions of an unstable Editor-in-chief: The Cheers has a new office!
We have worked long and hard to get to this point and now that it's happened, we're proud to announce the opening of a new office for The Cheers magazine. But before I go on, I want to apologise for not being in touch with you guys for that long. But just to get you back up-to-date what has happened over the years, you... continue reading
When art becomes genderless
Whether we want to admit it or not, even now, in year 2012, there are still big gender biases in some fields of life. While it's generally understandable that men should do more heavy lifting than women and knitting fits a bit better for the women (even though I am aware even here there are many people who want to disa... continue reading
The EIP factor - what you should learn from it
When we grow older, or get older for the sake of the argument, we tend to start seeing the world only from one side. We tend to believe, no, not believe but know, how things are done. If you are smart, you understand that it shouldn't be that way, you understand this is wrong. Or actually no, I didn't mean wrong, but s... continue reading
How to create a $500 website in 5 easy steps
I know what you're thinking - it's yet another one of those pointless MLM strategies someone has come up with. It's not my intention to disappoint you, but it isn't. And what does the $500 mean here anyhow? It's a website that could theoretically be sold for $500 after completing all of the steps brought out below. And... continue reading
Teens think life's a box of chocolate, Birdgestone begs to differ
Well, not exactly, but Bridgestone has brought some additional attention to a topic that's not so chocolaty - teens and driving safety.

Bridgestone recently launched a Teens Drive Smart Video Contest during which they are waiting for 25 or 55 second videos about any driving safety issue. They expect the videos from... continue reading
Taxi Of Tomorrow: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg goes with Nissan
Back in May 2011 New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission ended a two-year-old selection process of choosing New York's Taxi Of Tomorrow. April 3, 2012 the chosen taxi debuted at a special event in SoHo. Of course, the taxi is Nissan NV200 and it's packed with all sorts of features.

"The Nissan NV 200 unveiled t... continue reading
Factzone: The truth about Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il, the leader of the free world, has decided to move on to more fertile grounds, leaving with us just the memories of 8-color rainbows, singing Korean women and couple of nuclear weapons. But who was this man whose next ambition would have been to get the next Nobel Peace prize? Here are just a few facts you ... continue reading
Research Reveals: A dead man is a fine man
According to the recent study conducted by the company Idiots United Inc. being alive might not be such a good idea for men anymore, at least not in terms of getting noticed by women.

Based on the results of the study, 83% of the women asked about their preference in men answered that the best man is a dead man. Tru... continue reading
The Most Stupid Laws Around The World
Each and every country has its own laws and sometimes, they can really make you laugh and cry at the same time. Let's take a look at some of the weird or just downright stupid ones here.

In Singapore it is illegal to have a Bible or to talk about Jesus. I just want to say one thing - fine by me! The best law ... continue reading
Unexplained science: Chocolate cures, kills and annoys
A recent research in Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that chocolate, if eaten regularly, can can cause depression. Previously chocolate has been related to lifting mood, but according to the study, the effects are quite the opposite.

And then I thought to myself - just yesterday, while enjoying my fifth beer, ... continue reading
What does an atheist do once he has lost faith in himself?
Even though I could be considered an atheist or agnostic, every once in a while talking about religion like it was some sort of a mental illness, I do believe faith is important in our lives, independent of whether you believe in god or anyone else. Simply the blind faith that causes wars, intolerance, the faith that s... continue reading
Top 10 good promises for year 2009
My friend has just died, but it doesn’t matter, I have a new and better friend now anyhow.

Could you imagine someone saying something like that? But that’s what we do say about the change of year. Great we got rid of the last one, greetings to the new one. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be happy to see the new year, w... continue reading
How-To overcome an addiction?
No. No. And no! I'm not a psychologist, I don't know anything about researches on this topic, I know nothing about the following theory working in practice, and most certainly know I nothing about your specific problem. But I do know that except for never getting addicted in the first place, the easiest way to overcome... continue reading
Gambling addiction - is it the same as having great sex?
It is always great to see the kind of symptom lists that show if you have an addiction. Or these tests you take to see whether your sex life is good. Well, they have the same type of tests for gambling addiction. Answer "yes" to seven of the 20 questions and you're a winner of this new kind of addiction - addiction to ... continue reading
Editorial: Democracy the Russian way
After more than a decade of silence Russia has again opened its mouth, spitting in every possible direction to demonstrate they not only still have a voice but also strength - political And military.

It doesn't really matter if it's true; it doesn't matter if it is just a demonstration of what they'd like to be. Wh... continue reading
Brown Couch or twelve midgets in the town square
Things can happen either for a reason or without a reason. Happenings can’t happen without anything happening. That’s logical, without a doubt. The following story, however, had a reason, yet it didn’t have one. How can that be? Heck if I know, but by the time you finish reading this piece, you’ll have a pretty darn gr... continue reading
Atheist for president of the United States?
United States, the most democratic country in the world, or at least that’s what we are made to believe, would end the presidency of its first atheist president silently, probably using a silver bullet.
It might sound a bit harsh towards America, but really, can anyone actually imagine someone like Dave Barry ... continue reading
Starting the engine of your creativity
The worst enemy to creativity is your current knowledge. You think you know and thus you keep trying and coming up with ideas based on what you know. Let go of what you know and free your mind to discover new and better ways to do something.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" – Albert Einstein
Generate p... continue reading
My Farked Up Life: Prisoner of The Cheers
Who do you love? Me! Me! Me! At least I would hope so being a prisoner and all. I’m being kept in chains inside the cyber castle of The Cheers magazine. My editorial staff is throwing stones at me, one bigger than the other. They used to just call me bad names, but that all changed when I told them there’s no money for... continue reading
Market your product right
Good advertising can increase sales 20 times; however, bad advertising that might cost millions can make people buy less than no advertising at all.
In order to market something right, you need to start with the most basic questions. What your product DOES? WHO is it meant for?
What sells a product?
There's no one ... continue reading
Welcome to TheCheers BUSINESS!
If you have read Donald Trump’s books, you have probably noticed that they never tell you anything specific. Even if the headline is „How To Get Rich”, you don’t get the information on how to get rich, you get something totally different. Unfortunately many people think they don’t get anything from the bubble written t... continue reading
Report from Estonia: Riot over removal of Soviet War memorial in Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia, 17th April 2007. A plan to remove the Red Army memorial from its current location in Tonismagi caused riots in the Estonian capital Tallinn.
Everything started yesterday when Estonian government made the decision to displace the Soviet memorial to a military's Defense Forces cemetery due to ... continue reading
Euro Club International takes pimping to the next level

Today I got an email from an
organization called Euro Club International. They wanted to “fulfil my fantasies with more than
50 of the hottest girls from around the world, discreetly and affordably”.

Not much can be found about this
venture from the expanse of internet, but their website is crystal cle... continue reading
Apple revenue boost, that's normal!
Apple has increased their revenue for the second consecutive quarter
now. The last quarter their profit was $430 million dollars.

According to Apple, they have increased the sales of Mac as much as 48%
within the past year. Mac Laptops have sold like warm breads (more than
634 000) and numbers are expected to gr... continue reading
Play Virtual Investing game: reduce the risk of failure in real stock market
Do you want to become a shark of Wall Street? I bet you’d
like to make some money like the aces there, just by investing, investing
and then investing some more. And earn couple of percentages from your money
every single day?

A couple of percentages isn’t much, or is it? Lets imagine
that you’re playing wi... continue reading
Giant Google and its new toys - Google Desktop 2
Some time (years) ago Google was big. Just big, nothing else. Then
it became the biggest and most used search engine in the world. I won't
even talk about the profits. Google used to be a giant, however, it's
growing bigger and bigger with every day. Just recently they have come
out with a new product called Google... continue reading
Einstein's German-language manuscript was found by 'accident'
A student who was working on his Master's thesis found Einstein's German-language manuscript by accident from the archives of Leiden University's Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics. The manuscript is a hand-written paper written in German by EINSTEIN himself, the paper has lots of Einstein's notes in it as well ... continue reading
Press Release: Major International Forbidden Knowledge Conference Announced
Philip Gardiner, the author of the huge new book, The Serpent Grail, is arranging a major new international conference on 1st July 2006 in Stoke on Trent, England. Bringing together some of the world's leading experts in their fields such as Andrew Collins, author of numerous books, Paul Devereux, author, TV star and... continue reading
Press release: Publishing Arrogance
Sunderland based author P. D. Han has a new book released today titled Publishing Arrogance. Based on fact, this ‘reference’ style ‘how to’ (or rather ‘how not to’) book charts the struggle that P. D. Han initially found when trying to find a publisher for his first book, the local best selling semi-autobiographical fo... continue reading
Jackson is STILL threat to children?
Jackson's prosecutors have said that they believe Michael is quilty and not safe person for children independent of the decision made in court. They just don't believe Jackson can be innocent and feel that the jury wasn't right or were influenced too much by who Michael Jackson is - King of the pop. Well, what do you t... continue reading
Beer belly business for sale
About a week ago I talked to my good friend, who, let’s be
honest, is always high of drugs and alcohol. However, sometimes he does
have really great ideas, partly because of the visions he’s having
during his mental & physical black-outs. So far he’s been to alcohol rehab twice as much as I have, but he still... continue reading
Paris Hilton to marry Paris Latsis
Paris Hilton has just accepted the marriage proposal from her boyfriend Paris Latsis. Hilton's PR guy Rob Shuter mentioned that they are very happy and excited. Well, go Paris, go Paris! But how will their children call them - Paris mom and Paris dad? Just wondering... ... continue reading
Saddam's trial will take place this summer
According to Iraq's new president Jalal Talabani, Saddam Hussein might go to trial for his crimes within the next two months. However, the US advisers and Iraqi procecutors don't really think so. They have mentioned the year 2006. One way or another, we'll see soon!... continue reading
Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sentenced to nine years in jail
Oil baron Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former Russia's richest man, has been sentenced to jail for 9 years. He was found guilty of fraud and tax evasion. He has already spent more than 18 months between 4 walls due to hearings, investigations and trial itself. The sentence and the whole noise around Khodorkovsky is, however, ... continue reading
Red Cross used HIV blood in Canada
Red Cross in Canada has just admitted that they really did distribute the HIV blood to thousands of people in Canda in the 80s. Blood with HIV and hepatitis C to be more exact. Thousands of Canadians were infected. Since the distribution  more than 3000 people have died due to this unfortunate incident. Thousands ... continue reading
Euro down over 1% due to French referendum
The euro fell more than 1% after the disclosure of the results of the French Referendum on Sunday. Simply put - French said NO to European Union constitution. The reason for NO was the fact that the constitution could limit social protection. For the EU constitution to take effect it needs all 25 member countries to s... continue reading
Angelina Jolie: No sex for Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie has said that she and Brad Pitt have not had sex. Angelina says that she could not forgive others nor herself for being intimate with a married man. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston until January 2005. Allegedly Aniston filed divorce due to differences between her and Pitt that can't be overcom... continue reading
The Child wins Palme d'Or at Cannes
The winner of the Palme d'Or at the 58th Cannes Film Festival is "The Child". It's a Belgian movie directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne. The movie talks about young thief and his moral dilemmas. The same people won at Cannes also back in 1999 with their movie called "Rosetta".... continue reading
Vader & Bush: If you're not with me, you're my enemy
Political activists are comparing George Bush with Darth Vader from the last piece of the Star Treg saga "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith". Even if this wasn't intended this way by George Lucas, many people still do see it that way. Here's a riddle for you - what's different about Bush's "Either you are w... continue reading
Security issues found in the securiest browser - Netscape 8
The new Netscape broswer, Netscape 8 is allegedly one of the securiest browsers around (it came out yesterday), definitely more secure than IE and maybe even better than Mozilla. However, as it turns out now, it has some serious security issues. Netscape 8 was built on an early version of Mozilla Firefox which had som... continue reading
"Stand up" for The Dave Matthews Band!
The Dave Matthews Band has released a new album called "Stand up". During the first week they sold 465,000 copies and made it to #1 in the album charts. The Dave Matthews band consists of Dave Matthews (of course), drummer Carter Beauford, saxophonist LeRoi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley. The guys took three months ... continue reading
The Riddler from Batman TV series died at 72
Frank Gorshin, Emmy-Nominated actor is probably best known from the old-age (1966) Batman TV series as The Riddler. He died Tuesday at the age of 72. Not only old age is the reason, but also lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia. Frank Gorshin has also performed in Charlie's Angels, Star Trek and his final performance ... continue reading
Kylie Minogue & Cancer - there's still hope for both of them
Two days ago, Kylie Minogue was diagnosed a breast cancer and Kylie decided to postpone her Showgirl tour. According to her manager, the cancer is in its early stages and it has not spread. She will be operated later this week. Many stars have reached out to Kylie to offer their support. Among the people are names su... continue reading
Larry King will testify in Jackson's trial
Larry King will be testifying in Michael Jackson's trial today. He will most likely talk about the comments the accuser's attorney Larry Feldman once made. Feldman had allegedly doubts about the accuser's credibility. ... continue reading
Britney and Kevin: Chaotic not impressive enough
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared in David Letterman’s Late Show giving ten reasons why people should watch their reality show. No reason was too impressive - watch how good father Kevin is; we're young, not 60-years old and things like that don't really invite you to watch it, does it? Now that it has debut... continue reading
Dave Chappelle not happy with his show
According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, Dave Chapelle admitted himself to a mental facility in South Africa. However, as it turns out, it's not true. He's not in a mental facility, he's not in drug rehab, he doesn't even have a drug problem. His reason for flying to South Africa was actually simple - he needed some... continue reading
Firefighter wins $1 million prize in Survivor
The latest winner of the Survivor is 41-year-old firefighter from New York. Tom Westman got $1 million for being on the show. He thinks that the reason for winning was his experience that he had gained from being a firefighter. Tom Westman was one of the 19 contestants who competed together and against each other to w... continue reading
Jane Fonda's Monster-In-Law grossed $24 million
Jane Fonda's new film "Monster-In-Law" grossed $24 million in its opening weekend. This is the first Fonda's film in 15 years. Fonda and Jennifer Lopez managed to have a successful start, the second place for this weekend belonged to "Kicking and Screaming". We'll see how it goes next weekend - "Star Wars Episode III:... continue reading
Microsoft releases mobile OS Windows Mobile 5.0
Microsoft announced that their latest OS for mobile phones has been released. It's called Windows Mobile 5.0. According to Bill Gates, it will offer its users more reliability as well as good new features. In this OS version they have also fixed the memory problem. Previously, when your battery got empty, the users los... continue reading
Pilots not charged for violating the air space rules
The pilots who cause an emergency evacuation of the White House and Capitol yesterday, have been released without any charges. However, they still might face a civil action from FAA. The plane that violated the air space rules and flew within 3 miles from the White House, was piloted by a pilot Jim Sheaffer and a stude... continue reading
Home Alone star denied everything
The star of Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, testified today that he has never been fondled by Michael Jackson. This accusation was brought out by the former chef of the Neverland ranch. He claimed he saw it with his own eyes... However, the truth is out there, and Culkin supported Jackson in his fight to clear his name. C... continue reading
Unidentified plane, White house evacuated
White House and U.S Capitol were evacuated for 11 minutes due to a small plane. The plane violated the air space rules and within minutes security cars and war planes were seen near the buildings. The small airplane flew into the security zone and alerted the whole city. Such incidents have also happened before, hundr... continue reading
Unarmed grenade found near Bush speech site
Yesterday, an unarmed grenade was found near Bush speach site in Tbilisi, Georgia. Right now the security officers of US and Georgia are investigating how this could have happened. The grenade was found about 30 meters from the place where Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili made their speaches. ... continue reading
Rolling Stones hits the road again
Rolling Stones has just announced that they will go to world tour, again. The announcement was made at the Lincoln Center where they gave a surprise gig. Their world tour will take off in August 2005 and end before summer 2006. Rolling Stones last tour was in 2003. For more information and tour dates, see this page. ... continue reading
Bridget Jones is getting married again!
Renee Zellweger, the star of Bridget Jones, got married and now for real. She married a country music star Kenny Chesney at a ceremony with only 45 guests. The wedding took place on the US Virgin Islands. According to sources, even no one on the island knew about the secret wedding of the 35-year-old movie star. ... continue reading
Yahoo! song rental: 1 million songs for $6.99/month
Yahoo! will be launching a music subscription service today. Yahoo's Music Unlimited will cost $6.99 per month and for that money they offer access to a song library with a size of 1 million songs. For comparison, Apple is charging its customers 99 cents a song, Napster charges about twice as much as Yahoo's price wil... continue reading
Serious security holes found in Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Foundation has reported two security flaws in Firefox web browser. If used together, they could be used to gain access to your computer. The intruders could delete your files and install new programs, so generally speaking, hackers could fully take over your computer. Once considered a rather good replacement f... continue reading
58th Cannes Festival starts today
The Cannes Festival starts today, May 11. This time it will be held for the 58th time. Film fans together with actors and other people involved with film-making will be expected in Cannes, South of France. One of the hottest name for this year's festival is definitely George Lucas's Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. On... continue reading
Macaulay Culkin to witness in defense of Jackson
As prosecution for Jackson's child molestation case is almost finished, Jackson's defense is ready to get started. One of the first witnesses will be Macaulay Culkin who was, according to prosecutors, molested by Jackson. He and two other boys will be testifying to defend the pop star. Culkin has repeatedly said that ... continue reading
Chief planner for Osama Bin Laden captured
According to president Bush they have captured a major faciliator and a chief planner for al-Qaida terror network. For Bush it's a critical victory in the war of terror. Abu Farraj al-Libbi was captured earlier this week. According to Bush's press secretary he is one of al-Qaida's top leaders. According to anonymous so... continue reading
Martha Stewart is back - big as hell, twice as ugly
Starting from September, Martha's back. She will be hosting a tv show "Martha". The show will be one hour long and it will be featuring celebrity guests, cooking tips and home making. Martha's previous show lasted 11 seasons. Martha's show will be available in stations covering 90% of the USA. ... continue reading
Meditation is THE cure for death?
The results of a new study show that Transcendental Meditation may lengthen our lives. This meditation technique does reduce the possibility of heart disease. According to the study it may also lower death rates. However, reasearchers say that these are just preliminary results and further studies will be needed. ... continue reading
Fat people conquer America
According to new study the problem of obesity is a problem of all social classies. Previously considered mainly the problem of the poor people, it's now clear that also Americans earning more than 60k/year are having the same problem. When previously mainly cheap fast-food was blamed for people's overweight, then now ... continue reading
Angeline Jolie to leave the movie business?
Angelina Jolie might quit the movie business. According to sources, she has told her friends that it was time for her to quit. She has enough money and she doesn't have to do that anymore. According to News Of The World she's afraid of the possible effect Hollywood might have to her son. Bad Hollywood influence, work ... continue reading
Apple's Tiger in trouble
Apple's Tiger might be in trouble if a lawsuit filed agaist Apple holds up. A company called Tiger Direct is suing Apple for trademark infringement and unfair trade practices. They say that Tiger is their Brand name and they want Apple to take down all references to Tiger from their websites, software and everything el... continue reading
2M1207b - new planet found outside the solar system
Scientists are now sure, that the red speck they managed to photograph, is really a planet. It's 5 times as big as Jupiter. The photograph is one of its kind - first photo of a planet oribiting a star outside the solar system. Tha planet is about 230 light-years from Earth and it's officially known as 2M1207b. ... continue reading
32.7 million people stared talking Bush
Thursday night Bush had a news conference and according to Nielsen Media Research the conference had around 32.7 million viewers. The conference was broadcasted by eight big news channels, including Fox, CNN and ABC. This was Bush's fourth prime-time press conference. As his popularity has dropped, he's trying to rais... continue reading
Coldplay enters TOP 10 in US charts
Coldplay's new single "Speed of Sound" went into US Top 10 and landed on spot number 8. This is the first time a British band has a single in the US top 10 since 1968. Before Coldplay, only Beatles with their single "Hey Jude" have achieved the same. Coldplay is popular not only in USA, but also in UK, where their sin... continue reading
Dawson's Creek star had crush on Tom Cruise
The star of Dawson's Creek, Katie Holms, has told the Seventeen magazine that she had a crush on Tom Cruise already when she was just a little child. Now she's 26 and she's dating Tom Cruise. Sometimes your childhood fantasies really might come true. ... continue reading
Longhorn faces tough competition with Tiger
Apple has just released a major update to their operating system Mac OS X. The update is called Tiger. It has more than 200 new and innovative features that will make it tough for Longhorn to compete. "It gives you the most innovative, stable and compatible desktop operating system on the planet. Period." - says Apple'... continue reading
Iraq: 17 bombs kill 50 people
Friday - 17 bombs exploded across Iraq killing 50 people and injuring at least 120. Three of the people who died in explosions were US soldiers. The country-wide attack was most likely organized by most-wanted Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. In his audiotape he also warned that there's much more to come. He said that "We will n... continue reading
The creator of Spider-Man gets 10% of profits
The creator of Spider-Man is about to get 10% of Spiderman films profits. The films have made $1.6 billion dollars worldwide. The amount for the creator might be tens of millions of dollars. Stan Lee created the character back in 1962. Now he's 82 years old. About 3 years ago he went to court to claim the money that's... continue reading
Pierce Brosnan as Bond, James Bond
Judi Dench has confirmed that Pierce Brosnan will continue playing Bond, James Bond. Even though a great number of possible new Bonds have been talked about, Brosnan won't give his role away just not yet. He will play the guy with neat toys also in Casino Royale. However, the spokesman for Eon, the production company ... continue reading
Beckham family sue their former nanny
The Beckham family is suing their former nanny for rumours about their brake-up. Abbie Gibson had told the newspaper News of the World that the marriage of Victoria and David is on its way to end. Beckhams are also suing the newspaper News of the World which has previously already been sued for David's alleged affair w... continue reading
Lucas to produce two new Star Wars TV projects
George Lucas as announced that he is working on two Star Wars TV projects. First of them will be a story about the time between the original Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith. The second one will be Clone Wars - 30 minute-long 3D animated TV series. The projects will be brought to life next year. However, while waiting... continue reading
Japanese train crashed into an apartment building
Japanese train crashed into an apartment building killing at least 50 people. It is one of the worst train accidents in Japan within the past decades. The train derailed and crashed into the building just 6 metres from the railroad. However, the reason for the accident is not clear yet. But railway officials said that... continue reading
Ferrari's comeback in San Marino GP
Ferrari hasn't been doing well lately. Their new car F2005 hasn't really shown too good results. Barrichello and Schumacher haven't been able to get any good spots from the previus GPs'. However, it looks like their luck is about to change. Even though Barrichello didn't make it to the finish line, Michael Schumacher c... continue reading
Intel pays 10 000 dollars for original Moore's Law article
Intel has been looking for the original copy of the magazine that contains the Moore's Law article. A man named David Clart happened to have this magazine in his pile of old magazines. The Electronics magazine from year 1965 contains the Gordon Moore's article which tells about Moore's ideas about the evolution of sili... continue reading
American teens use prescription drugs to get high
According to the recent study of teen drug abuse, US teens are using different prescription drugs to get high. Pain killers, cough medications and alike are being used for only this purpose. For getting high that is. The study included over 7000 teens and discovered that about 20% of the teenagers are using different ... continue reading
Britney Spears under 24-hour medical watch
Britney Spears have been put under 24-hour medical watch after her visit to the hospital last week. Britney's mom is allegedly organizing the 24-clock care to make sure the baby won't have any health problems during the pregnancy. says that the fear for possible miscarriage might be the reason for her pr... continue reading
Rumours about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might be true
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were seen in Angelina with her son. According to The Mirror they seemed very intimate. They both have previously denied any kind of  such relationships between them. Pitt split up with Jennifer Anniston in January. Huh, well, maybe someone of you is really interested in this informat... continue reading
Shakespeare Portrait might be fake
Different experts are saying that the famous portrait of William Shakespear is fake. The Daily Telegraph says that according to their examinations, the picture have been painted couple of centuries after William's death. Most likely between 1818 and 1840. As we know, Shakespear died already in 1619. It was first belie... continue reading
Jame Fonda's "Monster-In-Law" launches next week
"Monster-In-Law" is Jane Fonda's last movie since a break of 15 years. It's a romantic comedy by Robert Luketic. Jane Fonda herself plays a woman who wants to finish the relationships between her son and another woman. The other woman is played by Jennifer Lopez. The movie will be in theatres next week. ... continue reading
Dodging Death
Australian, Schapelle Corby, despite escaping the death sentence, screamed when the Balinese prosecution asked the Indonesian Court to sentence her to life imprisonment if she is convicted of drug smuggling. She said the prosecution's demands were unfair and still maintains her innocence. Meanwhile, Christine and Lee R... continue reading
Net Drugs Bust
Illegal Australian Internet pharmacies that have been shipping drugs around the world without properly determining the ages or needs of the buyers, has been closed down after Australian Federal Police raided properties in Perth today. Following an extensive investigation of online pharmacies and a global money launder... continue reading
CNNNN and Foxx to hire a hitman for Pope
Monday 25th – For the past two weeks the leaders of CNNNN and Foxx have been putting together a plan to assasinate the Pope. The discovery was made by our well-known investigative journalist, Harry Twohooter, while having a beer in the no-name bar. He was just sitting in the bar with no name, enjoying his 4-EURO-beer, ... continue reading
Car bombs in Baghdad kill another 6 people
Three car bombs exploded in Baghdad today, one near infamous Abu Ghraib prison and the other two in southern Baghdad. At least 4 people were killed and 13 injured. There were also a drive-by shootings in Baghdad that killed two people. When will things start to get better in Iraq?!... continue reading
Canada approved Cannabis drug
Cannabis drug called Savitex was approved by Canada making the country the first one to approve this type of drug. The medicine will be used to provide nerve pain relife for adults with multiple sclerosis. The Savitex can be sprayed into the mouth and allegedly offers the best pain relief to the people with multiple s... continue reading
Japan faced 5.6 magnitude earthquake, 59 injured
Earlier today there was an earthquake in southern Japan, the latest hit was 6.11am. 57 people have been reported injured, two of them seriously. About 280 buldings were damaged by the earthquake. Last bigger earthquake hit Japan March 19, 2005, killing one and injuring about 400 people. The current earthquake centered... continue reading
Zacarias Moussaoui, 9/11 suspect may plead quilty
Zacarias Moussaoui is the only one who has been accused of being involved with the terror act in 9/11. Now it looks like he might plead quilty. However, this is not sure yet. Earlier he has demanded access to imprisoned leaders of Al Qaeda. He has said that they can prove he is innocent. His lawyers have not been read... continue reading
Lance Armstrong finishes 15th in Tour de Georgia
Lance Armstrong was left 15th in Tour de Georgia in North America. He finished first stage in 28th place, but managed to win back some during the next stages. The winner of the first 128.8-mile leg was Robert Hunter from South Africa. Winning time was 5h47m52s. The tour will continue on Wednesday in Fayetteville with 1... continue reading
Iraqi movie to compete at Cannes Film Festival 2005
The first Iraqi film will compete at the Cannes Film Festival this year. All together 13 different countries with 20 films will be competing for the top spot. Four of the films are from US - comic-book adaptation "Sin City", "Broken Flowers" (with Bill Murray) and two others. The Iraqi film is called "Kilometer Zero" a... continue reading
Joseph Ratzinger is the new Pope, Benedict XVI
Cardinals have just announced who the new pope will be - it's 78 year-old Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany. He is now Pope Benedict XVI. The previous pope, Pope John Paul II died on 2 April. After the announcement had been made, thousands of people in St. Peter's Square shouted "Viva il Papa!" - "Viva il Papa!". T... continue reading
Montoya still suffers from shoulder injury
Juan Pablo Montoya won't be able to race at Imola since he is still recovering from a minor shoulder injury. That's his second race in a row. He missed Bahrain and now he will have to miss also the race at San Marin GP. In Bahrein he was replaced by Pedro de la Rosa, this time he will be replaced by Alexander Wurtz, wh... continue reading
Movies: Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal to star in Serial-Killer Thriller
Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal will star in the true movie about a serial killer who killed 37 people during the 1960s and 1970s. Allegedly the man is still free. The movie is directed by David Fincher, who was also the man working with Fight Club and Seven. The movie will be released by the end of 2006 and the... continue reading
Bum, but not by choice
George is a regular man, he used to be an auto-mechanic, but he quit 2
years ago. He was very good at what he did, but at some point he had to
stop working. Now he’s 31, living off his parents money, collecting
disability pension and lurks on the edge of society, collecting bottles
to make some extra cash. Me and m... continue reading
Bully gets hammered by Eminem
Did you know that Eminem was bullied in school? No? Well, he did and now the man who bullied him, filed a lawsuit back in 2001 for invading his privacy. The main story goes around one of Eminem's songs - "Brain Damage" - where Eminem descibes his bullying. Here are the words from the song: "Brain damage.. Way before m... continue reading
Dark week for the Wall Street sharks
Friday was the worst day for US stock market. Last week was the worst week for the market. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq both went below their 200-day average. There are different possible reasons for that. The main one is that the stocks are just overvalued and it can't stay like that for a long time. US consumers are al... continue reading
NASA launches DART - a robotic spacecraft
NASA launched its first DART (Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology) on Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to test the technology that would enable fully automated flights. DART weighs 363-kg and it is ment pave the way for automated spacecraft docking and cargo delivery. The current DART m... continue reading
Music download numbers hit the top
Within the past year, music download sales have grown a lot. Just a year ago there was about 20,000 downloads a week. Now it's 300,000. As the numbers are growing fast, the songs that are being sold over internet will be included in the UK Singles Chart. This will be the first time internet downloads will be included ... continue reading
Mother of Jackson's accuser lies under oath
Michael Jackson's attorney managed to prove that the mother of Jackson's accuser lied under oath. He tried to show that the family has given false testimony's also before. Jackson's lead attorney also said that the family has previously got settlement of about $150 000 from a department store. It also came out that th... continue reading
At least 20 people die in Paris hotel fire
At least 20 people have died in a hotel fire in Paris. Additional 53 are injured. At the time of the fire there might have been up to 90 people in the hotel with a single exit. The fire broke out at 2.20am. It might have started in the breakfast room in the first floor. Police has not identified the nationalities of ... continue reading
Internet2 is causing big problems for recording industry...and the users
RIAA has filed 405 lawsuits against students using Internet2 in their universities. Internet2 is a high speed network which is currently available only in some institutions, like bigger Universities. The students used i2hub to download  full movies in less than 5 minutes. The lawsuits have filed against students ... continue reading
Britney's reality show debuts on 17 May 2005
The reality show, "a documentation of love", of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will debut on 15 May 2005. The show will talk about their relationships. They will also broadcast video pieces from ther weddings. The main idea to get rid of all the rumours spinning over their lovelife. The show doesn't have a title ... continue reading
Soyuz heading to International Space station
Russia has sent a new replacement crew to the ISS (International Space Station). The crew consists of 3 men and will be relacing the current two-men crew. John Phillips from US and Sergei Krikalyov from Russia will most likely stay on the station for 6 months. The third crewmember is Roberto Vittori from Italy. He wil... continue reading
Car bombs kill 18 in Iraq
Two car bombs exploded in Iraq. The blast killed 18 people and wounded another 36. The explosions took place near Interior Ministry office in Baghdad. There was also third car bomb, which fortunately did not go off in some reason. Lately the number of insurgent attacks has been fairly high. When will the situation cal... continue reading
NASA gets new Chief - Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin is the new Chief of NASA. His first task will be to ensure that the shuttle program will do well. The Discovery Space Shuttle will launch on May 15, 2005. After the disaster with Columbia in 2003 there have not been any other shuttle missions. Griffin said that his first priority is to get the shuttle ... continue reading
Kenya is going to blacklist their defecting athletes
Kenya has decided to blacklist the Kenyan athletes who are defecting to other countries. The government doesn't like the fact that they train these guys in Kenyan camps and then they go to compete for some other country, against Kenya. The Kenyan government has decided that these sportsmen will now have to renew their... continue reading
Google to offer local searches with Mobile phone
And again have we a reason to talk about Google. Now they have decided to offer business listings and local driving direction through their cell phone service. If you have a mobile which has an internet browser, why not try Google's service out. However, as with Google Maps, Google Local is available only in US and C... continue reading
Market analysts expect Apple stock to go up
Apple's stock might be going up, market analysts say. The target price is set to $50. Apple had good results with the sales of Mac and iPod, they earned $290 million which means 34 cents per share within 3 months. Last year the revenue numbers were 6 times lower. So if you agree with the analysts and you have some fre... continue reading
New security issues found in Microsoft's software
Microsoft has just annonced that there are new critical security flaws in many of their software pieces. The names include Windows, Messenger, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. If the security update isn't downloaded, the attackers could take control of your computer. It is highly suggestable that everyone goes to ... continue reading
Gladiator star Joaquin Phoenix starts alcohol rehab
Actor Joaquin Phoenix is going to alcohol rehabilitation. He goes there because he feels he needs it. He's tired of living the way he has been living so far and wants to get the "disease" cured. Joaquin Phoenix has played in a number of well-known movies like Gladiator and The Village. His announcement comes at the tim... continue reading
Indiana businessman held in hostage asks for freedom
A businessman from Indiana was taken hostage in Iraq and was shown in a video begging US to start negotiations with the Iraqi resistance. The video contained the businessman and three men with weapons. The man was holding a photograph with his family in his hand. He asked US goverment to negotiate for his life. Jeffr... continue reading
Pop star Billy Joel finishes his Alcohol Abuse Treatment
Billy Joel, a well-known singer, completed his treatment for alcohol abuse early Sunday morning. He was there a bit less than one month. Now he's back and like they say - big as hell, twice as ugly. If you don't know who Billy Joel is, then you have definately heard at least some of his songs, "Uptown Girl" is one if ... continue reading
Internet2 gives more power to online pirates
Internet2 will be the next generation internet, allowing more speed than ever before. It isn't available for public just not yet, but it is already being used by different institutions, such as universities. However, it looks like Internet2 will bring even more problems to the recording industry. Recently, over 900 pe... continue reading
Britney Spears: Enough of fooling around - Yes, I am pregnant
Britney Spears has just made the announcement that the rumours have been true - she really is pregnant. She has said repeatedly said that this is not true, but it seems now was the time to reveal the badly kept secret. Some time ago B.S attacked many "false tabloids" about the stories about her pregnancy. Now the anno... continue reading
Transylvania project: true story about witches of Transylvania
A shocking movie about Witches of Transylvania, true story, no scripts, witchcraft spells, a thrilling experience, all video footage are real and filmed in Transylvania. This movie is not available in stores or theatres in USA. The story about the Circles of the Three Witches, the most powerful witches on Earth, ritua... continue reading
Internet journalists sued for not revealing their sources
Apple has sued 3 online journalists who published aricles about Apple technology. Articles filled with information that shouldn't really have been available for them. However, Apple employees had leaked that information for them. Apple required these journalists to reveal their sources, but the journalists weren't rea... continue reading
963 people sued for illegal file sharing
New lawsuits have just been filed against people who have been caught sharing files illegally. All together there's 963 accused ones of which 33 are from UK. Last such wave of lawsuits was about 6 months ago when 90 Britons were sued. The average settlement was about £2000. The record labels and music managements hav... continue reading
US forces have captured another former Iraqi official
Saddam's senior official was captured in Iraq today. He is the former leader of Military Bureau in Baghdad. Most likely he's also the "fundraiser" of many of the attacks against US-Iraqi "peace" forces. The name of the man is Fadhil Ibrahim Mahmud Al-Mashadani and he is believed to be another "most wanted" terrorist in... continue reading
Hostage drama in Germany
At least four children have been taken hostage in Germany. They were threatened with a knife, pulled out of a bus and now they are being held in a house nearby. The children are all in ages 10-11. The police is not sure about the exact number yet. The number of children taken into hostage might be anywhere between fou... continue reading
Microsoft: PC manufacturers are selling illegitimate software
Microsoft has been buying their own software since 1997 to check the authenticity of the products being sold. Now they have filed 8 lawsuits in 7 US states against different PC manufacturers and software resellers. According to a study by BSA and International Data Corp about 36% of the software sales in the world are... continue reading
Marburg virus: 90% death rate in Angola, 193 dead
Marburg virus death rate is still extremely high, about 90% of the infected people have already died. This means 193 people out of 218 infected. Each day about five more people die because of the deadly virus. High fever, vomiting, nose starts to bleed. And this goes on until the person's entire organism just collapses... continue reading
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visits Iraq
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Iraq and called Iraq's leaders not to allow "turbulence or incompetence or corruption". Rather they should really put all their efforts into building up democracy in Iraq. He said that US forces will not stay in Iraq forever, so people in Iraq will have t... continue reading
Afraid of Anthrax? Buy the protection kit
Two men from Las Vegas have come up with a good idea to make money - sell Anthrax protection kits. Are you afraid of Anthrax threat? Be no more, because Kurt Heilig and Ivan Tuttle have put together a kit that includes everything you need to protect yourself against Bio-terrorist attacks. The kit includes a respirator... continue reading
Catchy internet domains can still make loads of money
For many of us it might seem like all good domain names have already been taken. At least those which might generate major amounts of free traffic for you just because of the name. BUT as it turns out, these times are not over like many of us might think. opened its web site on November 1, 2004. They expe... continue reading
Matthew McConaughey's road trip paid off
Matthew McConaughey travelled through the US to promote his new movie "Sahara". Now he's enjoying the fruits of his tiring road trip. Sahara made its debut this weekend and got to place #1 beating the last week's favorite "Sin City". Sahara brought in $18,5 millions during the weekend. The head actors Matthew McConaug... continue reading
Boeing and Airbus attacked, both because of subsidies
Airbus and Boeing have both enjoyed subsidies from different sources. US is not happy about the subsidies being paid to Airbus. However, it turns out that Boeing isn't any different. It might be that Boeing has received support even in greater amounts. Reality is that both companies have been receiving substantial fina... continue reading
People in Angola are afraid of WHO
People in Angola are afraid of WHO, they don't let WHO take away their family members and they have even attacked the workers of World Health Organization. People are just too ignorant, they don't like the weird suits WHO workers are wearing and they think that they are rather trying to infect them but not to cure. T... continue reading
Arnold Schwarzenegger not keen on dirty clothes
As it came out - Arnold Schwarzenegger really likes clean things. For one, he often just burns the dirty clothes of his children. He just doesn't like the dirty clothes around the house. If he sees them, he'll either hide or burn them. He's also a keen environmentalist - lights should only be on when needed...or he'll ... continue reading
Brad Pitt: There's nothing between me and Angelina, call the Hotline!
Brad Pitt is tired of rumors over his alleged relationships with Angelina Jolie. Well, simply put - there is no relationships between them. Pitt has now created a hotline. Dial 1-900-NOT-TRUE and you will here Pitt's voice telling that all the rumours about him and Angelina Jolie are false. The cost of the call is 49 ... continue reading
University of Wisconsin exhibits 4.4 billion years old crystal
The University of Wisconsin exhibits a crystal which is believed to be around 4.4 billion years old. Most likely this is the oldest object ever found from Earth. A 4.4 billion years old crystal - sounds like something big. Actually it's just a tiny piece of chrystal which can be seen only through a microscope. The cry... continue reading
6.8-magnitude earthquake in Indonasia make people flee
Another earthquake hit Indonesia today 5:29 p.m. The earthquake took place in Kepulauan Mentawai region. So far no damage reports have been issued. However, many Indonesians panicked and fled to the mountains fearing another major Tsunami. Fortunately, the earthquake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami. But sou... continue reading
Locals in Luanda attack WHO workers in Angola
The WHO workers in Angola were attacked by locals. The locals feared that the people of WHO might be spreading the virus. WHO's campaign has been halted due to this incident.  Marburg Virus has already killed at least 183 people. Still no cure is available for the disease. ... continue reading
Star Wars fans lose touch with reality?
Star Wars fans lined up in Hollywood outside Grauman's Chinese Theater to see "Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith". The opening for the movie is set to May 19. And not in Grauman's Chinese Theater, but rather in Cinerama Dome.  Star Wars fans have been accused of losing touch with reality already befor... continue reading
Email spammer sentenced to 9 years in prison
A man who was convicted of using false internet addresses to send bulk email through AOL's server, was suggested 9 years imprisonment by the jury. However, there are lots of question marks in this case. And the judge had to suspend the sentence. Firstly, the ruling was based on Virginia's law where it's forbidden to ... continue reading
Cancer risk can be minimized by new vaccine Gardasil
British medical journal Lancet Oncology published results of a survey that included 552 women. The survey was about a vaccine called Gardasil which is ment to prevent cancer. The results of the study show that we are pretty close to finding a perfect vaccine against cancer. Supposedly, the vaccine can reduce the risk ... continue reading
MTV Overdive - new web channel from MTV
MTV has decided to launch a new broadband channel. They will be offering 6 different channels - News, Music, Movies, On TV, Video Game Culture and Personal Style. The channels will include news updates, artist profiles, movie clips, music stories and much more. All in one - MTV Overdrive will try to give the people wa... continue reading
Sony sells 500,000 PSP's with one week
Sony's new hand held gaming console seems to be a top seller. Within the first week they have sold more than 500 000 units. This means $150 million in sales for Sony.   No other console has been that successful during the first week it's available. The sales numbers are expected to stay the same or even grow with... continue reading
Angola: Marburg virus has now killed 156 people
The number of people died because of the Marburg virus has increased to 156 (as of 5 April). Some, 25 people who are infected, are still alive. According to WHO, the Marburg virus outbreak might have started already in October 2004. The virus itself is very dangerous, most of the infected people die within 3 to 7 days... continue reading
GM to produce Hummer H3 in South Africa
GM has just announced that Hummer H3 will be manufactured for the first time outside US. General Motors has decided to invest 100 million dollars to produce it in South Africa. They plan to open a new factory in there. Hummer H3 will be mid-sized and will most likely go on sale in South Africa in 2007. They intend to... continue reading
Who will be the next James Bond?
Sources say that British star Daniel Craig is to become the next James Bond. However, he has now said that he will not take the role over from Pierce Brosnan. His spokesman said the same, but he wasn't ready to comment any further. Same for the author of the Bond movies - Eon Productions. Different names have been me... continue reading
Google launches "vblog" video blogging service
Google has given much to the information industry. Now Google has decided to come out with a video blogging service as well as video blog search engine.  People will be able to broadcast video clips like ordinary email attachments. Google will be archiving these clips. Google predicts that Vlogging (video bloggin... continue reading
Al Gore starts his own TV venture
The former Vice President of USA, Al Gore has decided to start his own TV venture. The name will be Gore plans to aim the station at people in ages 18-34. He intends to cover topics like music, fashion, environment, politics, news and more. The idea is to have short stories in range 12 seconds to 5 minutes... continue reading
IBM starts to market a 2.7 pound light laptop
IBM has just announced that they will be coming out with a new laptop which is one of the lightest laptops around - it weighs only 2.7 pounds. At the same time it includes software to perform complete hardware check to make sure the system always works as good as new. ThinkPad X41 has Intel's Pentium M Processor and 9... continue reading
Google again: Satellite service for Google Maps
Lately Google seems to be coming out with new services every day, sometimes even twice a day. Now they have announced the satellite service for Google Maps. Now you can see the graphical representation of the area on the map. Unfortunately the regions which can be checked at this level are only US and Canada. One way... continue reading
Overweight people eat $22 billion of the budget of California
Every year the state of California has to spend $22 billion to provide the needed medical care for overweight people. Over 50% of Californians are overweight or obese and the per cent is still growing. The report created by California Dept of Health Services says that if all the people lost just 5% of their body weigh... continue reading
Witness - Macaulay Culkin shared bed with Jackson
The former maid of Michael Jackson claims that she had seen the pop star showering with the boy. She also suggested that the actor Macaulay Culkin had shared Jackson's bed as a child star. Lately, the main reason for this trial has not been mentioned very much - every day new witnesses come with new accusations agains... continue reading
Militants on motorbikes attacked tourist center in Kashmir
Earlier today there was an attack against tourist center in Kashmir. Armed gunmen on motorbikes drove to the entrance of the tourist center and opened fire. Two civilians were injured. Four different militant groups have claimed the responsibility for the attack. The groups are all fighting against Indian rule in Kash... continue reading
Coalition helicopter crashed in Afghan due to bad whether
Coalition helicopter crashed in Afghanistan due to bad whether, 9 soldiers were killed. The helicopter crashed about 120 kilometers from Kabul. The helicopter was on its way back from a routine mission when the helicopter caught fire. Nine bodies were found on site, even though according to the chief of police in Ghaz... continue reading
Antidepressants ARE replaceable
Recent study has shown, that independent of the claim that major depression can be cured only with antidepressants, new study has proved this to be a false opinion. According to the researchers of University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt University antidepressants can easily be replaced by cognitive therapy. They stu... continue reading
Pope John Paul II still popular
Millions on pilgrims are lined up to see pope's body. It doesn't matter what nationality, it doesn't matter from what country they're from, it doesn't matter what race they are. They just want to see Pope John Paul II for the last time. His body is in St. Peter's Basilica and he will be "burried" on Friday. Prince Cha... continue reading
Chinese deliveryman spent 3 days in elevator
A Chinese deliveryman spent three days in elevator of an apartment complex in Bronx unnoticed. The man had immigrated from China and spoke virtually no English at all. He was looked by police in Bronx quite intensively and was found on third day in an elevator. He was okay.   Mr. Chen left Happy Dragon restaurant ... continue reading
Britney Spears to star in her own reality show
Pop star Britney Spears is about to star in her own reality TV show with her husband Kevin Federline. The purpose of the show is to prove that the numerous rumours about her and her marriage are not right. The show will most likely be 6 parts long. It will feature her European tour and also wedding. All together this... continue reading
The mastermind behind al Qaeda bombings killed
Saudi forces have killed a top militant who's suspected of masterminding al Qaeda bombings in Casablanca. More than 10 militants were killed in the three-day fire exchange in Al-Ras. Abdulkarim al-Mejjati, one of the killed militants, is in the list of 26 most wanted persons in Saudi Arabia. According to Saudi sources ... continue reading
Skeleton from the 90's: New accusations against Jackson
The son of Michael Jackson's former housekeeper testified that Michael molested him in the 90's. He said that Jackson had touched his groin area during tickling games. He added that Jackson had also reached under his clothes. Why did the man step out now? The prosecutors just want to show that the reason of the curren... continue reading
Denmark: Year-long party to celebrate the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen
The party has begun! Famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen had a birthday, and if our technology would be already that far, he would have been 200 years old now. Independent of that, the celebrations to show our respect towards this great fairy tale author, have just begun. Many known names from around the w... continue reading
Belasco Theatre: Denzel Washington stars in Julius Caesar
Denzel Washington plays Brutus in the new Broadway production of Julius Caesar. The production opened yesterday at the Belasco Theatre in New York. Other actors playing in Julius Caesar include Jessica Hecht as Brutus's wife Portia, William Sadler as Caesar, Colm Feore as Cassius, and Eamonn Walker as Mark Anthony. Cl... continue reading
EU payback: 15% punitive duties on U.S exports
European Union has decided to impose punitive duties to U.S paper, machinery, clothing. Canada has decided to do the same for cigarettes, swine and oysters. It is kind of a payback from EU and Canada because the U.S has failed to repeal one of its anti-dumping laws which was ruled illegal by WTO already couple of years... continue reading
FBI: 20 students might have been aware of the shooting at Red Lake High School beforehand
FBI says that about 20 students might have known about the shooting rampage before it actually happened. Many of them might have been involved in the planning process. Now they are checking dozens of school computers to find related emails and text files. The Columbine 2005, shooting at Red Lake High School happened a... continue reading
Husband on Death Row is a popular choice
According to the men on Death Row are very popular among women. They get lots of letters from women from the very first moment of their imprisonment. A man, who was conficted of murdering his wife and unborn child had a first marriage proposal already one hour after he had been sentenced. You can read a lo... continue reading
Infamous Abu Ghraib prison attacked by anti-occupation forces
Abu Ghraib prison, infamous for its prisoner abuse scandal in 2004, was attacked by anti-occupation fighters in Iraq. According to current information they injured 44 U.S soldiers and 12 prisoners. The anti-occupation fighters set off two car bombs and fired out a number of grenades. The gunfire between two sides las... continue reading
Pope John Paul II died 9:37 p.m
At the age of 84, Pope John Paul II has died. He lived in years 1920-2005, was head of Roman Catholic Church for 26 years, giving people hope and keeping the world just a bit better place. He was once a strong speaker, but for some years already he was weakened by the Parkinson's Disease. Pope John Paul's mourning r... continue reading
South Africa: 13% of teachers are HIV positive
Recent study shows that 13% of all the educators in South Africa were HIV positive at the time of the study. Nearly 4000 teachers died of AIDS in year 2004. According to the study, the highest rate among teachers was found in KwaZulu-Natal province where 22% tested HIV positive. If this issue isn't addressed now, the... continue reading
Marburg virus death rate in Angola near 100%
Marburg virus has killed 132 people out of 140 Marburg virus cases. This means that the death rate is more than 94%. Most of the infected people have been from Uige. That's the number as of 31 March. Within just one day 8 more virus cases were found. On 30 March the number of cases was 132, of which 127 were fatal. Ang... continue reading
Google GMail steps on Yahoo!'s shoes
Google GMail has just announced that it will increase the storage of GMail accounts to 2GB. Recently, Yahoo! made exactly the same thing, only they increased the storage to 1GB. The latest action by Google will make it easier for GMail to fight Yahoo! When Google came to the market one year ago, it had the biggest stor... continue reading
Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson to become spokesperson for AIDS fund-raising
Pamela Anderson, former Baywatch babe will become the new face for Viva Glam V lipstick campaign and she will also be the company's spokesperson for AIDS fund-raising. Pamela has Hepatitis C and she is glad to be able to help in finding funds for the company's AIDS program. Previously celebrities such has Boy George ... continue reading
Britney's letter to "False Tabloids"
Britney Spears sent an open letter to Tabloids like Us Weekly, Star magazine and In Touch. She's not happy about their stories which say that her marriage is a wreck and she was pregnant. Here's her letter, it's no news, it's just funny:Dear False Tabloids, As you read this letter, I bet you are asking yourself: Who? ... continue reading
Paul Hester of Crowded House Found Dead
Paul Hester of Crowded House was found hanged from a tree in an Australian park last Saturday. According to emergency services he had previously tried to commit suicide, and then died from strangulation.Close friend and former Crowded House musician Neil Finn has cancelled a number of tour dates to attend the funeral t... continue reading
Pentagon will pay $12 million to develop a robotic battlefield medic
Pentagon has decided to pay $12 million dollars to develop a robotic trauma pod. The idea is to get high-quality medical care to as close to the actual battlefield as possible, thus making the medic aid more available to soldiers. The development of this "trauma pod" may take a decade before we can see this sort of th... continue reading
Celebrity News: Ex Spice Girl Posh plans English tea party in the grounds of Beckingham Palace
Victoria Beckham, ex-spice-girl, wife of football professional David Beckham, plans to celebrate her 31st birthday with a traditional English tea party. The event is to take place in the grounds of the Beckingham Palace. Among other guests, she has also invited all ex-spice-girl. Victoria is tired of living in Madrid... continue reading
Leaving Hollywood: Martin Sheen wants to study in Ireland
Martin Sheen has said that after he has finished with the popular series "The West Wing", he wants to go to study in Ireland. He wants to study English literature, philosophy and theology in Galway, Ireland. His has never got a high-school diploma and now he just wants to get some proper education. After he will retir... continue reading
Astronauts do spacewalk to install new antennas
Astronauts stepped out the space station to install new antennas and through out a small five-kilogram satellite into space. The crew - Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov are on a six-month mission in space and they are scheduled to return to Earth on April 25 2004. During tha last few months this is their second tim... continue reading
Lost Gold: Show jumper's horse found drugged
The horse of Cian O'Connor, an Irish show jumper, was tested and drugs were found from the animal's organism.  Doesn't sound too bad, after all, it was just a horse. However, The International Equestrian Federation has ruled that O'Connor is going to lose his gold medal hard-fought at Athens Olympics. He said ... continue reading
al Qaida's leader in Iraq one step closer to being captured
According to Iraq's interior minister, the leader of al Qaida in Iraq has been surrounded by Iraqi security forces. He said that they have not captured Abu Musab al-Zarqawi yet. However, he has been surrounded in a "certain area". They hope to capture al-Zarqawi very soon. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has taken the respons... continue reading
8.7 magnitude earthquake might have killed 2000 people in Indonesia
During the night time there was a 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Indonesian island Nias. The authorities think that it has caused the death of about 1000 or even 2000 people. Due to bad wheather conditions on the island the rescuers have hard time finding people. The visibility is just about 400 meters. This earthquake t... continue reading
Apple sued for itunes internet domain
Benjamin Cohen is going to the High Court to contest the confiscation of his domain name He had registered the domain in early 2000 and ran a music search engine in there.  He offered the domain name for Apple for an undisclosed amount of money. However, Apple is not interested in that. They just ... continue reading
F1: Tennis match might cost Montoya race in Bahrein
Juan Pablo Montoya slipped and fell on his shoulder and hurt himself while playing tennis. Now he might be out of the next F1 race in Bahrein. Even though the injury is just a minor one, driving an F1 needs ultimate precision. So now he's undergoing some tests to check if he will be able to drive in Bahrein. If he wo... continue reading
Burger King makes you fatter than before
Burger King has come out with two new breakfasts. The first new product is The Enormous Omelet Sandwich and the other Western Omelet Croissanwich. First one is 730 calories and the other one 320 calories. According to their surveys, that's what people want to eat - bigger sandwiches. While countries around the world ... continue reading
Michael Jackson says that there's a conspiracy against him
Michael Jackson has declared himself innocent of child molestation charges and said that he's a victim of a conspiracy. He asked all his fans around the world to pray for him. However, he was not ready to discuss the possible conspiracy in an interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. He said that the court does not allow... continue reading
Prince Charles must apologise to Camilla's former husband
David Stancliffe, Bishop of Salisbury, said that Prince Charles must apologise to the former husband of his fiancee, Camilla Parker. He must apologise before their wedding on 8. April. The bishop did not specify what form of apology he should make. Bishop Stancliffe is an authority on how church services should be con... continue reading
The producer of "Da Ali G Show" becomes BBC1 controller
Peter Fincham is the new controller of BBC1. He says that BBC is going through big changes. Fincham, the outgoing chief executive officer of production company Talkback Thames, joined this company as a producer in 1985 and he has worked his way up the latter. Talkback Thames is the company responsible for shows like Ho... continue reading
Car Bomb in Beirut kills two and injures eight
Two people were killed and eight injured yesterday evening in a car bomb explosion in Beirut. This is the third such incident this month. The explosion took place in the industrial area of al- Bushrieh leaving a number of buildings burning and destroyed a number of shops. Allegedly The Lebanese and Syrian security fo... continue reading
Tsunami in Asia led to forced marriages and rape
The Tsunami in Asia in December killed three times more women than men. British-based charity Oxfam International said that this has led the female survivors into forced marriages and rape.In Indonesia there are villages where, as a result of the Tsunami, there are 10 times more men than women. Men are outnum... continue reading
Pope's appearance not very convincing
Thousands of pilgrims at a key Good Friday ceremony at Rome's Colosseum managed to see the pope only from behind when he appeared on a giant screens on video-link from his private chapel at the Vatican. Catholics around the world anxiously await a sign that his condition is improving. However, so far they haven't seen ... continue reading
Terri Schiavo's parents appealed to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
The legal battle over Terri Schiavo has been on for more than a decade now. On Friday Terri Schiavo's parents appealed to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to help them. For those who haven't heard about this case - Terri Schiavo suffered brain damage in 1990. Suddenly her heart stopped briefly from a chemical imbalance which mig... continue reading
The world's fastest computer Blue Gene/L made new record
The world's fastest supercomputer Blue Gene/L has just made new record. The record was recorded by National Nuclear Security Administration. The computer performed 135.3 trillion floating point operations per second. Of course, Blue Gene/L didn't set aside any other supercomputer with its new record. It just beat its o... continue reading
Only 45% of Americans support Bush
The job-approval rating for President Bush has sunk to 45%. This is the worst rating ever for George Bush Junior. His rating was the highest after 9/11 when his approval rate was 90%. The Gallup polling organization is conducting polls almost every week, asking people if they "approve or disapprove of the way George ... continue reading
7 million adults have admitted to dowloading files with MP3 player
Even though the usage of file-sharing networks seems to be showing decrease in numbers, this might not be the case. A phone survey of 1421 adult internet users has found that 19% of the adult internet users are using MP3 players to download files. This makes about 7 million adults. It is surprising because MP3 devices... continue reading
UK: Charles's marriage with Camilla will weaken monarchy
According to a recent poll majority of people believe that the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles could weaken monarchy. Daily Mail's poll (conducted by ICM) found that 65% of the people believe that marriage will weaken monarchy. Six weeks ago the number was lower, 49%. Out of 511 people who wer... continue reading
New Reality Show: Lots of booze and sex in the sun
ITV has launched a new reality show - Celebrity Love Island. It's a mix of shows like Survivor, Tempation Island and Big Brother. Ten sexy stars are being sent to a tropical island in hopes to lead them to love, using booze to help it, of course. Viewers will be able to vote off celebs leaving the sexiest couple to the... continue reading
British MPs: Parents can choose the gender of their kids
Parents will soon be able to choose the gender of their babies. This plan has been proposed by a group of British MPs.They suggest that the last word of embryo screening and selection should be made by future parents instead of some third-side regulators. If accepted, the proposal will give the parents freedom to deter... continue reading
Killer virus in Angola has now taken lives of 114 people
According to today's news, there are now 114 people dead in Angola including an Italian doctor. Health inspectors are afraid that the virus might spread to a wider area.The epidemic started up in Uige and now 6 cases of Marburg virus have also been found in Luanda. Four of the people are already dead. They all cam... continue reading
Bush to sell F-16 jets to Pakistan
According to Reuters, Bush has agreed to sell F-16 jets to Pakistan. The administration official said that the sale of F-16s will not change the overall balance of power between Pakistan and India. However, the PM of India expressed great dissapointment because of it, he's afraid that this sale might in fact have negat... continue reading

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