When we grow older, or get older for the sake of the argument, we tend to start seeing the world only from one side. We tend to believe, no, not believe but know, how things are done. If you are smart, you understand that it shouldn't be that way, you understand this is wrong. Or actually no, I didn't mean wrong, but simply it's possibly not the best way to go. Knowing how things are done and how things aren't. When you were younger, still finding out new things, you felt as if there are so many new things out there, and that nothing can stop you. Don't you want to get back to the time when you believed, mainly not in anything specific, but in possibilities, in options, in variety of ideas, in goodness, in humanity, in the fact that we can still invent new bicycles.

Don't you want to get back to that place? To believing that EVERYTHING IS again POSSIBLE. I believe we can do that. That's what making yourself a cold start means. As if you were a computer. You just need a fresh install of your operating software. Getting the old one removed and new one installed might take a few moments, but it's possible and definitely a worthwhile idea.

Start by thinking of things you don't believe in, things you know how they should be done, things you think are made up, things...and then open up your mind. Say to yourself that everything is possible. And when doing so, think what other answers could you give to those predetermined answers in your mind? I believe the best idea might be to start with big things, things you seriously have made your mind up on...politics, religion and love might be the best starting points for most of us. There's the right political party and the wrong one; religion is either useless or whatever, or you are a believer; love is ... love, or something you have simply planted into your mind. Let's look at some of those things from different angles.

The EIP factor and love
I consider myself a fairly logical person, well, my mother calls it Simologics (stemming from my first name, Siim), but that's already another story. I like to think that there's a reason behind everything, there's nothing in the thin air and we choose our fate ourselves. So when it comes to love then my main and often only definition to love is nothing but a self-enforced obsession. It does sound logical, right? To me it does make a lot of sense. However, you don't need to agree with it, I'm just trying to make a point, hopefully. And I don't think my definition needs much explanation. But in order to open up my mind, I must be willing to consider other options. None of us knows everything and love can be anything. Maybe there is just one person meant for everyone. Maybe. The main point – we all believe in our own truths, but it doesn't mean it's the only truth out there.

The EIP factor and Religion
Are you a believer? If so, what do you believe in? I do believe, but not in god (notice the small "g" in the word, I really don't believe in delusions), I believe in myself. If you believe in god, then which one? Or maybe you just believe in the idea of something out there. Or the rock you keep in the most feng shui corner of your living room. While I don't believe in god and I do believe in myself, I can see how believing in God might help some people. From my perspective, believe in anything you want to believe, but don't say it's science, and that nobody has the right to say anything else about it. Belief in anything is a matter of faith. And faith is personal. I believe in pain killers and beer for getting rid of ANY and ALL of my diseases. It has worked for me for the past 10 years, I bet it won't work for most of you. The main thing – I might not believe in god, but I must keep my mind open to the possibility that there might be something out there.

I digress. I really do. The last two examples were really kind of off-topic. However, these are two areas in life, especially in my life, where I have the strongest one-way beliefs. I believe that what I believe is true. And often I don't consider other options. These are just two examples, but the reality is that the older we get, the more things we assume we know for sure and often won't even want to consider other options. And this all by itself doesn't let us grow.

Let's say you have been in the same business for 10 years. You have now tried different things, you have learned a lot, you have seen what works and what doesn't and most of your decisions now are based on these experiences. While I agree that we should learn from our past mistakes and failures, these things often guide us only towards one option that has worked for us in the past. It isn't so, it isn't so. When you were younger, I bet you found that something your parents said don't work, actually worked. It worked because you were willing to try while older people were so sure, based on their knowledge and experience, that they couldn't even think of trying it out.

The EIP factor – so, what is it anyhow? It's believing that Everything Is Possible. I remember I was in high school when I first decided that Everything Is Possible. I really believed in it and it got me a job abroad, it helped me get a lot of things done in a lot easier manner than many other people do them, it helped me try out things other people believed are not possible. I didn't really care when people said the EIP factor can't be applied to most of the things.

Then as time went by, I started agreeing with them to some level. I used to say that yes, if you're 30, just learning to swim and want to become an Olympic medalist within 3 years, it's impossible. Or that yes, if you're 25, not from the United States, and want to become a president of the United States in 5 years, it's not possible. While these statements are most likely (99.99%) true, by the end of the day, if you start believing in them, they hurt your mind-set. As these are just the first things you start to exclude from the EIP factor. Year by year, you keep adding things into the list and at some point you get to the spot where you think that there's really just a few ways to doing any and all things.

You get older, but you don't grow older. Ideally with age we would see the variety of things and endless options, but instead, often our brains see less and less options of doing things.

Just think about it. Maybe it's time to restart your brain? With every decision you make, think why you make it, what is it based on? Couldn't things be done differently? And remember, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Remember the EIP factor.