I have never been fond of long-term planning. I mean planning ahead, too far ahead. And there's a good reason for that. While certain people claim they can predict the world Ė e.g., financial analysts, business advisors and so on, the world is not predictable.

Think of the biggest stock market crashes, those analysts who are giving advice or who claim they know the future in some field, they did not expect these crashes. And at other times, they expected certain things, but before they actually got it right, they had made a number of bad predictions beforehand.

Take Nostradamus. Some say he was actually able to see the future. Why? For the simple reason that some of his predictions could be seen as actually right. But there are two things to think about here. First, Nostradamus made hundreds if not thousands of predictions. And if you place so many bets, some of them just have to go right, right? Put 1000 of your thoughts about 100 years from now on paper and you could be the next Nostradamus in 100 years. Just think about it. And the second thing Ė Nostradamus hasn't really said anything too specifically, thus there's also the matter of interpretation on his predictions.

Okay, enough of this wise guy. I was talking about planning ahead and I want to say one thing Ė you can't plan ahead for too long time, because the world is not predictable, neither is your life, nor the life of your business. Thus you can have certain ideas, estimations for the future, sometimes even plans, but they always need to be very flexible, because the future changes and you need to change together with it.

Work on possibilities, not plans. Long-term plan is an illusion. If you can't predict the future, how in the world can you make correct plans?