Super Bowl, the biggest sports event for the year, is taking place on February 3rd. Over the years this sporting event is known to glue the most viewers to their TV screens. Even if we say that 100 million people are often watching it, we're not lying, or if we are, the number we are suggesting might be actually lower than it actually is.

This time the game is between the champion of the American Football Conference (AFC), Baltimore Ravens and the champion of the National Football Conference (NFC), San Francisco 49ers. The game will be determining the NFL champion of the 2012 season.

Watched by many, loved by many, if you're a fan, that's one game you definitely won't want to miss.

However, if everything I mentioned above, except for the name "Super Bowl", is all jibber-jabber for you, you obviously know about the event because of the ads played during the game, ads that attract a lot of attention, ads that are probably the most expensive television ads of all.

And this year it's no different. You can expect to see ads from companies such as Toyota, Godaddy, Toyota, Blackberry, just to mention a few. And also, the leading online car buying and selling site will be represented with their ad for the sixth year in a row. Their all-new ad campaign has been created by mcgarrybowen Chicago and the teasers have already been revealed in print, digital and also social media. They pose the question "why drama?" There's already too much drama in life, why should car buying add to it?

The teasers can be watched at

Whether you're into sports, entertainment, or simply the ads, don't forget to tune in for Super Bowl on February 3rd!

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.