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963 people sued for illegal file sharing

 article about 963 people sued for illegal file sharing
New lawsuits have just been filed against people who have been caught sharing files illegally. All together there's 963 accused ones of which 33 are from UK.

Last such wave of lawsuits was about 6 months ago when 90 Britons were sued. The average settlement was about 2000.

The record labels and music managements have lost major profits because of the "illegal" file sharing. And they want to put an end to it. However, bands like Franz Ferdinand and Blur would rather vote for free internet music.

There have been lots of lawsuits - Napster, Kazaa, and now also the regular people are being annoyed by these lawsuits. The Cheers magazine doesn't really agree with that. We don't think that the record labels are as stupid as they let others think they are. There's lots of money to be made even with free file sharing. Guys - please - just put your heads together and don't try to live off by old fat.

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