I know what you're thinking - it's yet another one of those pointless MLM strategies someone has come up with. It's not my intention to disappoint you, but it isn't. And what does the $500 mean here anyhow? It's a website that could theoretically be sold for $500 after completing all of the steps brought out below. And the time required for all of it? I'm not going to lie, while it's possible, most of you will not be able to do it all with 2 hours. Give or take couple of hours, the process, in order to do it well, takes probably around 24 hours over the period of one to three months. If you are looking for quick money, most likely you are turned away from the idea of even consider continuing to read. But $500 for 24 hours of work ain't that little. Plus even though you might be able to sell the site for $500, together with the money you might be able to make with the site yourself, before selling it, it could be $1000 or even more.

No scam, no bullshit, no miracles, no wishful thinking, no secret strategies. Anyone can do it. Just to make it clear.

What you need to get started:
- design. Every website needs a look, the general layout together with minimalistic graphics.
- system. For easy content submission, you could use a CMS (content management system).
- writing skills. Your website needs content, can you write?
- determination. Are you determined enough to complete the project?
- persistence. Do you have the persistence to keep on working on the site?
- people skills. Are you good with email communications? Are you capable of handling a "fuck you" answer to you emails? Without a similar reply?
- knowledge of ways to make money with your site. Do you know how to make money in the internet? Do you know about the different type of ad networks, different type of ads and so on?

We'll get to everything in a moment. Don't worry if you don't have the skills yet - as long as you have the determination and persistence, you're doing good. Everything else I can help you with.

If you know your way around designing a website, great. But if you don't, you will find different free design templates for your new website. Just look around the internet.

You are probably aware of blog CMS's like wordpress.com or blogspot.com. In addition to them there are different simple (free) systems out there that you can use. Again, just make a search.

Writing skills
Do you know something about some specific topic? If you do, great. Now write 30 articles or blog posts about it. If you don't, why not decide on a subject and read some books about it. Once you've done that, start writing blog posts about your new-found knowledge. I have personally created a number of blogs like that and sold them afterward for $300 - $2500. I'm not talking about copy & pasting the content of the books, definitely not. That's plagiarism and shouldn't be tolerated. But you can take the knowledge you have just gained and write about that, combined with the ideas you got from between the lines, the thoughts to make it all more interesting, the style that makes a good reading.

Or if you don't want to write, or can't write yourself, use free ezine articles such as you can find at www..ezine-articles.com. While 100% original content is always better than non-original, you could make a site with such free articles as well.

People skills
Now, just to check, do you already know why you need the people skills just to create a blog? You want to get readers to your site AND you want to be able to sell ad space on your site even if it doesn't have many readers. That's where Google Page Rank comes into play. The higher your Google Page Rank is, the more you can earn with text-link ads on your site. And to get the Google PR, you need to start contacting other site owners with sites on similar topics as your site is and see if they are interested in link exchanges. From my experience, anywhere from 10-30% are, as long as you contact the right blogs and sites. These backlinks from other blogs will help to get a Google PR within 1-3 months.

Additionally, you should find a list with all possible internet directories and add your site to those as well. Again, while traffic-wise they might not help much, Google PR wise they might.

Putting it all together let's start to earn with your site
If your site is ready, you have written and published 20-30 posts on your website, if you have submitted your site into directories and gotten some link exchange partners, look at your content. Could at least some of it be promoted in known social networks such as Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com and related? If it could, add some ads to your site (apply for Google Adsense account) and start promoting. If you manage to get hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site with the help of these networks, you might already be able to make some money with your site right after your first post.

However, you will need to wait anywhere between 1-3 months to start making money in different ways. If you have done everything right, there's a chance that you now have a PR 2 or PR 3 and that gives you a number of different options for making money with your website. Firstly SEO links you can start selling text-links on your site either directly or via different online advertising companies such as Linkworth.com. Additionally, you should submit your site to sponsored review sites such as SponsoredReviews.com.

By the end of the day, you now have a site which you might even want to sell anymore. If you site is great (which it should be), you might be earning enough with it or you just like it too much. Been there, done that. But if you still want to sell it try to get at least PR3 for your site, try to sell at least 1 monthly SEO link on your site for $30/month and your site's selling value is already around $500.

It definitely is kind of a simplified approach to it all, but it works. As long as your topic is good, as long as your content is worth reading, as long as you have a google PR and some visitors, you're doing good.