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Weird science: People drink more when sober

 article about Unexplained Science: People drink more when sober
A study conducted by the world's best known science lab, The Cheers Weird Science Lab (TCWSL), shows that sober people tend to drink more than drunk people. Study shows that the more people have drank, the less they will drink afterward.

TCWSL studied the behavior of people from all around the globe to reach this conclusion. Additionally, results of several previous studies by other science labs from other countries were used. The main one being the research done by a group of Swedes that discovered the unexpected truth - beer is not so good any more after the 15th beer.

Stemming from aforementioned research, The Cheers Weird Science Lab made two hypothesis. Firstly, the taste of beer loses something after a long night of drinking. Meaning that people are not as likely to drink more after 15th beer.

The second hypothesis was kind of upside down compared to the first one - the first beer doesn't taste the same as the fifteenth beer. However, their thorough research offered them a surprise. The truth is that in reality the beer is always the same and the taste can't be different in case of first or 15th beer.

Thus the reason why sober people are likely to drink more than drunk people is still covered with a veil of secrecy. There is enough work for researchers in this field for the future.

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