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Ferrari's comeback in San Marino GP

 article about Schumacher
Ferrari hasn't been doing well lately. Their new car F2005 hasn't really shown too good results. Barrichello and Schumacher haven't been able to get any good spots from the previus GPs'. However, it looks like their luck is about to change. Even though Barrichello didn't make it to the finish line, Michael Schumacher came to the second place in Imola losing only about 0,2seconds to Alonso.

The last 12 laps it was kind of tricky for both Alonso and Schummi. With speed Schumacher would have definately won. However, Alonso managed to stay on Schumacher's way, not letting him pass by. All within the rules, of course.

The next drivers were Button, Wurz and Villeneuve.

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