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Press release: Publishing Arrogance

 article about Press release: Publishing Arrogance
Sunderland based author P. D. Han has a new book released today titled Publishing Arrogance. Based on fact, this ‘reference' style ‘how to' (or rather ‘how not to') book charts the struggle that P. D. Han initially found when trying to find a publisher for his first book, the local best selling semi-autobiographical football fandom novel Why Do I Do It?


How many times have you heard the phrase "We all have a book inside of us?" Well Publishing Arrogance is the story of what it can take to get that book out and into print. With the tone of a slightly annoyedDouglas Adams, P.D. Han takes us through the frustrations, disappointments and general disinterest that faced him as he did just that. Whether you are a writer looking for a guide on what not to do, or just somebody that likes to see it put to the big guy, this book is a great read.


Publishing Arrogance is a cross between fiction and non fiction. It is on one hand a reference book, on the other it is a tale of frustration, a true account of how wannabe authors find it nigh on impossible to get a book published these days without having to pay for the privilege (though on this occasion the author – P. D. Han – was accepted and did manage to get a book published without self investment. 

As stated on the back cover of Publishing Arrogance,

"Have you ever wrote a book and tried to get it published? Did you succeed without having to pay for the privilege? Or did you end up frustrated due to an abomination of red tapeand outdate rules regarding submitting your work. I managed to get a book put in print and the experience gained from trying to get published up to the point of actually getting published was a roller coaster ride of emotions falling into the vanity trap, getting stuck on the slush pile, and being told unsolicited manuscripts are not welcome without an agent who would also veto unsolicited material!


Does that mean you need an agent to get an agent in order to get a publisher to publish a book?

I was rejected politely, sarcastically, and struggled to submit my work due to the frustrating minefield of submission guidelines. I concluded that many parts of the publishing industry are blatantly arrogant towards unknown and aspiring authors.


Publishing Arrogance was thus born, spinning a tale about the pit falls of trying to get a book put into print, trying to survive in a world where it is all too easy to perceive the big players as no longer lookingfor quality but quantity.

A wannabe author has little chance of being taken on board or being taken seriously unless of course one is called Ulrika, Burrell, or Beckham!


It has been said that if Douglas Adams had spent his life being rejected and got really upset about it - Publishing Arrogance would be the tone he would have used to describe the feeling."

Quoting from sarcastic rejection letters from such publishing houses as Headline, Oval, Macmillan, relating to the deadly silence and ignorance of the likes of Pengiun, Simon & Schuster, P. D. Han's Publishing Arrogance is a humourous, cynical, yet tongue-in-cheek guide on how to go about trying to sell (whether in the right or wrong way) as mentioned above, that all important "story inside of us".

Further details available from publisher Anthony Delgrado  at Bluechrome Publishing Limited (, telephone 07092 273 360), or from author P. D. Han (, telephone 07961 509 005).

Inspection/review copies available upon request.


Publishing Arrogance is presently available from the following outlets.

- Publishing Arrogance.Co.Uk:

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