If you have read Donald Trump's books, you have probably noticed that they never tell you anything specific. Even if the headline is „How To Get Rich", you don't get the information on how to get rich, you get something totally different. Unfortunately many people think they don't get anything from the bubble written there. I don't say Donald's books are great, but I do say that the main idea of them all is what does help you the most.


Do you really think that if he'd give you a  step by step guide on how one or another person got rich would help you? I seriously hope you don't. Yes, it's always helpful to know these things, but it's not what gets you ahead in today's world. Let's he gave it to you, imagine everyone following it. And if everyone are following the same step-by-step guide, it is going to stop working. What gets you ahead is the ability to think, ability to think differently, ability to be flexible, ability to obtain and keep a different kind of mindset than the ones of others. In addition to different kind of actual business knowledge that is.


How the right mindset can help you? What is the right mindset? Why is knowledge not power?


I will come back to these questions again soon. But for now, let me try to answer those questions in a short manner. Firstly, right mindset keeps you motivated, keeps you happy, it keeps you enthusiastic and willing to fail. The right mindset is what gets you ahead, what makes you work not because you have to but because you want to, because you believe in what you do. And knowledge being power – there's a lot of knowledge around us, there's a lot of people with some remarkable knowledge around us. But does that definitely make them successful? The answer is no because you have to be able to use this knowledge in order to become successful. This KNOWLEDGE is not power. But the skill to use it is.


If you're still reading, you're doing good. You have made the first step towards changing your life. Don't get me wrong here – reading thecheers BUSINESS will not change your life. Only you can do that. But it will definitely give you lots to think about and hopefully, after going through it all couple of times you will manage to change your mindset, your view towards life, towards business, towards how things are done.