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Animals who inherited millions from their owners

 article about Animals who inherited millions from their owners

You're working hard, trying to get your bills paid on time, trying to earn some money for life, travel, food, drinks, most of us can only imagine being rich, or inheriting a motherload from our great-great-great granduncles we have probably never seen. And the latter - how often does it actually happen? If you have a pet, the life for them is free, you buy them food, you take them to walks. They don't really need money, do they?

However, there are some animals, who, besides being fed during their entire lives by their owners, have also inherited all of their 'parents' money.

The editors over at Cash Lady have put together a nice infographic showing how some animals can be way more fortunate than you or me. Be it a cat, a dog, or a tortoise. All of whom have inherited a motherload.

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