The popularity of the U.S. president in other countries can vary, obviously, depending on what he does or doesn't do, if he decides to help other countries or doesn't. That's understandable without saying. And popularity of a president can depend a lot on whether he decides to provide aid to the other country in question, whether he wants to build a wall between your countries or not, and so on. But in this context it doesn't really matter. One is the question of popularity, and the other one is the question of trust, confidence, and true dislike/hate towards the man. While Trump clearly isn't popular with most of the stuff he is doing, he seems to be doing even worse in the latter.

According to a new massive study by Pew Research Center that measures global attitudes and trends, Trump isn't doing good at all. Not that it's a surprise, but we could call it official now.

The poll was conducted in 37 countries around the world.

Let's start from the beginning. During the final years of Obama administration 64% (global median) of people held a favorable view of the United States. Now it's down to 49%. That didn't take that long, it seems. The highest support to Trump is in Vietnam (84%), Israel (81%), Philippines (78%), South Korea (75%), Poland (73%), Hungary (63%), Italy (61%), Japan (57%). Above support above or equal to 50% is also in Britain that stands at 50%. Countries with the most unfavorable view of the U.S. are Jordan (82%), Turkey (79%), Mexico (65%), Lebanon (64%), Tunisia (61%), Germany (62%), Spain (60%), Netherlands (59%), Greece (53%), France (52%), Russia (52%), Sweden (51%).

In Africa, most countries hold a favorable view of the U.S.

When it comes to Americans as people, most countries hold a favorable view.

Trust and distrust

According to the poll Trump is even more distrusted than Putin, 74% have no confidence in Trump (and with all the alternative facts and lies, it's no surprise) while 59% say that they have no confidence in Putin. And that's something new in global politics - Russian president is held in higher regard than U.S. president.


Based on the results, in allied countries, roughly 90% of the people view Trump as arrogant and roughly 70% think Trump is dangerous.

Trump vs. Bush

While Bush's reputation ratings around the world were pretty low at the end of his presidency, the poll reveals that Trump's rating are already now slightly lower than Bush's lowest low. And it's worth to mention that even Bush is now among Trump's critics.

Here's the direct link to the complete report.