NRA, the National Rifle Association, has long been using firearms massacres to promote their products - guns. Their answer to any kind of gun related killing is to give more guns to more people. If you thought we're living in a utopia, and that would somehow take the guns off the hands of people who shouldn't have them, that might make sense. If you thought everyone having a gun on them at all times, people could protect themselves, that might make sense in Wild West as well.

But we're not living in the Wild West, and we're not living in a war zone. Well, at least if we're talking about the United States. If there are lots of knife-related fights in bars, do you think it would be a great idea to give knives to all the drunk people there? I don't think so. Yet this is exactly what is being done with the guns in the USA.

I can fully understand if you like guns - but you should only be able to have one if you pass all the possible mental health tests, and you know how to use it, how to safely storage it. And how NOT TO EVER go shopping with it, or any other public place for that matter. And you shouldn't be able to get yourself a rifle - we're not living in a zombie apocalypse, not yet anyway, although it might sometimes seem like it. If you want to use a rifle, or anything else like that, you should just go to a shooting range and rent a rifle for shooting there.
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Common sense is not against people who like guns, common sense is against overload of guns, common sense is against guns on the streets, common sense is NOT giving a gun to a person who's not even allowed to drink beer yet. That's what seems to be missing in the United States - common sense. There's just lobby. Gun lobby, Tobacco lobby. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that guns do kill people, as do cigarettes. Yet you can still buy guns in Walmart. How stupid is that? I mean, really, how stupid is that?
 article about gun related killings

And now in light of the latest firearms massacres it's good to remember just a few-week-old victory by the gun lobbyists and the NRA in Texas. Yes, that place. Wait, didn't the recent shootings take place in there? Oh yeah... In Texas they managed to loosen the gun laws on June 29, 2019, new gun laws that will take effect on September 1st.

New Gun Laws in Texas

- If you enter an establishment with a gun, not knowing you're not allowed to, although THERE IS A SIGN that tells you that, you're good as long as you're willing to promptly leave after you're being told so. It's as if you go to a cafeteria, shit on the table, and say, sorry, I didn't know it was not allowed here, but sure, I'll leave right away, didn't want to cause any trouble. It should be your common sense to tell you that it's not okay to walk around the town with a gun, independent of what the laws pushed by the lobbyists, and signed by the monkies, say.

- As a landlord you're NOT ALLOWED to add a clause to a residential lease agreement that prohibits firearms from the flat. So you can, in theory, say no to cats and dogs, but not guns?

- If you go to school, just leave your gun in your car, that's ok. Just go and get it when you really need it. Well, that last bit is not in the law, but if you don't plan to use it, why would you have it in your car in the first place, don't you have a safe for storing it something?

- You're allowed to carry a firearm, a handgun without a License To Carry, during evacuations during national disasters. So do I understand correctly - you're not allowed to carry a firearm without a license, yet sometimes you do? Okay.

- A bill to bar firearms was vetoed, stating that it "would impose an unacceptable restraint on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding travelers. The bill as drafted would newly prohibit carrying in any part of the airport terminal building, even ahead of the TSA inspection checkpoint." (source) Of course you'd want to have your gun with you while you're visiting an airport cafeteria. You know, just in case there's someone else in there with a gun just like you. Might want to have a duel.

Owning a gun should not be your "freedom" or your "right" - fresh air, fresh water, healthcare - these should be our freedoms, these are the things that should be available for everyone. Not guns. If NRA has its way, everyone would probably be able to get a working tank to drive around on the streets on Texas, because, well, you know, Second Amendment and stuff. So y'all better stop referring to your Second Amendment rights so much and start thinking more about common sense.