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Catchy internet domains can still make loads of money

 article about Catchy internet domains can still make loads of money
For many of us it might seem like all good domain names have already been taken. At least those which might generate major amounts of free traffic for you just because of the name. BUT as it turns out, these times are not over like many of us might think. opened its web site on November 1, 2004. They expected to have a long drive-up to profitability. However, as it came out, they had close to $10,000 in ‘background traffic' sales in its first 30 days. And that's all thanks to people who wanted to see where this word combination on the address line might take them.

Need some money? Well, just register a good domain name - there's definately a few good ones still available - and start making money immediately. But...what is a good domain name? That's already another story. Good luck!

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