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The world's fastest computer Blue Gene/L made new record

 article about The worlds fastest computer Blue Gene/L made new record
The world's fastest supercomputer Blue Gene/L has just made new record. The record was recorded by National Nuclear Security Administration. The computer performed 135.3 trillion floating point operations per second.

Of course, Blue Gene/L didn't set aside any other supercomputer with its new record. It just beat its own previous achievement in September 2004 which was 70.7 teraflops. One teraflop equals thousand billion operations a second.

The Blue Gene/L will most likely become operational by June or July. Once operational, Blue Gene/L is expected to run around 64,000 IBM Power processors at 360 teraflops.

Blue Gene/L is supplied by IBM. IBM has recently announced that they want to offer supercomputer also more to different business ventures. So far supercomputers have mainly assisted the army and science laboratories.


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