If you have a business, whether you've already run it for years or why not decades, or if you have just created it in hopes of succeeding, in addition to providing a great product or service that customers would go for and actually like or need, you also need to find a way how to find those potential customers in the first place. While Dirk in the corner might say that you need to do Facebook marketing, John from the office next to yours might say that you need to use word of mouth to spread the word about your company, the truth is that they are both right.

While it all depends on what kind of business you're in, what kind of environment you need to work with, and so on, so on, the truth is that usually the best thing you can do is mix different ways of getting publicity together. You can either have them running separately, or you can combine the different ways into one big marketing bubble.

But what marketing channels could you consider in the first place? These days the options are pretty much limitless. While it's a good thing, it also makes it all more confusing, more difficult. Just to get your imaginative juices flowing let's divide the options into two different groups - online and offline.

Online, or how to promote your business in the internet

I assume you have an internet presence already, be it a website or anything else similar for your business. If you don't, start with that.

Social Media
We all know what social media is, most of us have an account in one or a dozen of different networks. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus...and these are just the most popular ones. There are hundreds of other smaller networks out there as well. You can create an account there and create your following in your target niche. And use the platforms to sell your product/service. You can also use Ads and pay for promoting your business there.

Assuming you have a website, your website needs visitors. The more targeted visitors they are, the better. SEO is one way of reaching more and more 'free' visitors through search engines. If you don't yet know what SEO is, it's a too big topic to go into it here, but the term itself means Search Engine Optimization and is meant for getting your website higher up in the search engines for specific keyword phrases.

And if you're already good at SEO, you could start looking at SEO and marketing jobs to help others.

Social sharing sites
Depending on what your business does, sometimes you can use social sharing sites like Reddit and similar to share interesting content on your website. But still, it does depend on the kind of business you're in.

Pay-per-click advertising is where you pay for each and every click to your website. You've seen the ads in Google for example. Easiest way to start is with Google Adsense.


Besides internet, offline advertising options haven't gone anywhere either.

Ads on newspapers/magazines
You can buy ads on newspapers and magazines for your business. Ideally, you'd find niche publications. While you might reach more potential customers with daily newspapers with huge circulation numbers, you might be way better off going with a publication in your niche that has 100x lower circulation. Simply because these readers are more likely to actually be interested in your ads.

Television & radio
Exactly the same applies here. Even though finding television channels in your niche might be more difficult, or often, impossible.

Posters, brochures, flyers
It's fairly cheap these days to order yourself a good amount of business cards that you can share to potential customers yourself. One thing though - most of the business cards I've seen are simply boring. They are good for getting your phone number if they need it, but if at all possible, go for something more interesting. More interesting design, more interesting text on it, whatever else. In addition to business cards, also flyers left in right places might might do you good. One company offering business card, flyer, etc print services is Print Wise Designs (click for brochures Peoria AZ), feel free to give them a call, especially if you're located in Arizona.

Word of mouth
And obviously, while we have all those great advertising options available to us, we shouldn't forget the oldest way or promoting something. If your customers like your service or product, they will tell about it to their friends. So having a great service or product and then encourage your customers to talk about it is always a good idea.