The lineup for Sydney Festival 2014 was recently revealed and among the performances you can expect to see a lot of known names like Chaka Khan, Amanda Palmer, Lee Ronaldo, Mike Patton, Mike Mills. Just to mention a few names you might be familiar with. But this is just a drop in the water as actually the festival goers will be able to enjoy the performances by hundreds of artists of all kinds - musicians, visual artists, film makers, dancers, theatre people.

Sydney Festival is there to celebrate Sydney in summer, it will be offering a huge and diverse program of both ticketed and free events. All together 104 events will be taking place during the festival. In the lineup are 4 Australian premieres, 13 Australian exclusives and even 10 world premieres.

The festival director this time is Lieven Bertels and he is sure that if you are really into arts and decide to go to the festival, you definitely won't have to be disappointed. Each year more than half a million people, from around Sydney as well as around the world, decide to see the spectacles that take place around the harbour city.

The first time Sydney Festival was held was 1977, always taking place in January, this time the dates to write down are January 9th to January 27th, 2014.

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