Many business owners do not appreciate failure. But the problem with this approach is there can be no failure only if you do what you have always done or what others have always done and what you know that works; sometimes somehow anyhow.

This means you will never try nor let your employees try anything different which might bring failure. So, the only way to go is to encourage people to use their creative potential. If someone fails, if someone makes mistakes, it's only normal. And it's good; it shows they want to bring you better results than you usually get. It's human to make mistakes and mistakes teach you, mistakes educate you. It takes courage to make mistakes. And you do want people who have courage to be working with you.

Failures are good. Mistakes you have made, bad decisions, failures are there to teach you something - teach you what does not work, what you should not do in the future. If you really do learn from your mistakes, then how the hell can they be bad? They gave you a lesson and you learned from them. And learning is always good.

Be ready for everything. Be confident that you can handle any situation that comes on your way. We should always work on achieving the best results possible, but in order to be successful you need to be ready to handle the worst as well. And then, again, learn from it.