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Sponsored: Start your day with Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's Denny's

 article about Sponsored: Start your day with Grand Slam breakfast at Dennys Dennys
Denny's family restaurant introduced its Grand Slam breakfast already back in 1977. The breakfast consists of pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bacon. My mind is screwed up, I'm fully aware of it, but to me personally it reminds me of a more filling French crepe. When eating pancakes at home I usually always go with bacon/ham and cheese, salt and pepper, on top of it. Denny's Grand Slam breakfast with long traditions seems to add to it. Whether you're a fan of crepes, or a fan of English breakfast, I have a feeling Denny's will fit right in the mix and possibly be even better.

And Denny's just teamed up with NASCAR race car driver Denny Hamlin who drives No. 11 in the Sprint Cup Series. He's been a long-time fan of Denny's himself. For him Denny's is a long-time American tradition which brings back lots of memories for him. And now he brings his first love together with him to all of his racing fans and guests in a form of a mobile Denny's Denny's which will be traveling with him from track to track.

Denny's has been a big part of my family through the years, so I'm really excited about this partnership. - Denny Hamlin

Not only will Hamlin be bringing the Denny's with him to each track, you can also visit Denny's Denny's website, and register for a chance to win a really neat prize package consisting of a great Denny's Meal with the guy himself. And yes, you'll also get the lodging, airfare...wait what? Yes, the winner of the sweepstakes will get all that to make use of the 4 tickets he or she will get to go to the NASCAR Charlotte race on October 10th. Not to mention a rental car for the road and a $750 gift card. Sounds like a blast? Well, what are you waiting for, head over to Denny's Denny's then!

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