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Market your product right

 article about Market your product right

Good advertising can increase sales 20 times; however, bad advertising that might cost millions can make people buy less than no advertising at all.

In order to market something right, you need to start with the most basic questions. What your product DOES? WHO is it meant for?

What sells a product?

There's no one right answer. But in many cases you should imagine an image of quality. When buying anything, you often have a dozen of choices to choose from. Which one is the best? Which one do you buy?


While products need to be good, when you have a choice to buy something, very often you buy a brand, not the good itself. You don't believe me? Think of beer you might not agree but many beers taste the same but you still buy a specific product, I do. It's the same with whiskey. Or think of Gucci bags. Do you think they are so much better than 3 or 30 times cheaper bags? Think again. You are buying a brand and they are selling a brand. Aston Martin? In most cases brand image is 90% of the product.

Make the product a hero. Personify it. Make it live its own life. And remember, there are no boring products, only boring copywriters.

Your product does not necessarily need to be better than your competitors, it could be just POSITIVELY GOOD. Be clear, be honest, be informative.

All good advertising need to contain a big idea. Once you have come up with an idea (or just saw an advertisement), try thinking about it a bit. Did it make you think that's one hell of an ad and do you wish you had thought of it yourself? Was it unique? Could the same concept be used for years to come?


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