This year a number of new games came out for the gaming enthusiasts out there, games such as Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, Final Fantasy Explorers, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman – Episode 4 Thailand, and hundreds more. During next year, 2017, we'll definitely not be seeing any less great titles coming out. Let's take a look at just a few of them now.


 article about New games coming out in 2017

Even though these days all games are for the entire family (well, in many families mom might be excluded, but then again, not necessarily). When I'm talking about adult games, I'm talking about games that instead of being for the entire family, are really meant for grown ups. Anything in online gaming can be considered adult, such as online roulette, which these days can be both online and live at the same time - where there's a host doing her thing as she would in a real casino and you're following her on your screen. From my childhood I remember a game called Sextris, which is pretty much an adult version of Tetris. Adult games can also include adult topic board games (they are becoming more nad more popular by the day) which these days often also have online versions. Most of the new things coming out in this category in 2017 include VR glasses, and I'll leave the search for these up to you.

Sports games

 article about New games coming out in 2017

Sports video games have been around since I first started playing games in the mid-90s, it's actually one of the older video game genres of all. With games like Winter Olympics from 1994, Olympic Summer Games from 1996 - I always used to play them together with my father, competing against each other in one form or another. These games were really, primitive compared to games now, but they were as fun, or even more fun nevertheless. In 2017 there's a lot of new games coming out in this genre, from Mutant Football League, Mario Sports Superstars, to another version of FIFA. However, one I'd like mention, is Football Tactics. Based on the last time I played Football Manager, this one could have similar elements, as it's a football game combining turn-based straegy with virtual team management. You get to create your own club and move forward toward achieving champtionships victory. What's different in case of this game is the fact that you are able to give commands to your players in this turn-based system.

3rd person shooter

While you have mainly probably heard about first person shooters, you have definitely played a lot of 3rd person shooter games as well (think Tomb Raider). It's a subgenre of 3D shooters, and the main difference is that your character is visible on the screen. And obviously, your main task in these games is shooting. The earliest game here I can remember is Contra which I used to play on my old unknown Zhiliton game console. In 2017 you can expect a game called Days Gone which is a Zombie third person shooter game. Instead of creating yet another zombie game, this game attempts to be with a realistic tone (well, as much a this topic can be, realistic).