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Best Places to Visit in Malaysia for Couples
We look at why Malaysia is so popular with couples and the ultimate best places for an unforgettable honeymoon.

What Makes Malaysia So Attractive to Couples?
Malaysia is one of the cheapest Asian destinations to go to on holiday. If you are saving for a wedding and everything you will need to start married life, th... continue reading
Technology that Contributes to Depression and Technology that Treats it
Tech Focus: Can Depression Be "Technology Malleable?"
Many things come to mind when mention is made of technology. Our discussion begins with assessing social media use and any potential correlation to depression. Multiple studies have been conducted regarding the increased use of social media and rates of depression ... continue reading
Trading Reveal Their Top Daily Habits
Some of the best habits include keeping up with the most recent news in the economy and market. Second, investing in passive funds like ETFs ensures that investors will not risk too much. Dollar-cost averaging can help investors reduce the volatility of purchasing an asset all at once. Third, investors should develop a... continue reading
Top Ways to Invest in Your Career
Take an Online Degree
You must continue to learn at every stage of your career, even if you believe that you already have all of the knowledge you need to succeed. This is especially the case for those in fast-moving industries, as your knowledge may become outdated as soon as you acquire it. One of the best ways to i... continue reading
All you need to know when visiting Casino Helsinki
Casino Helsinki is the premier entertainment spot for gamblers when visiting the capital of Finland. It's lush, luxurious and has a great history - and it's located right in the centre, close to luxury hotels such as Radisson Blu Plaza, Hotel St George and Hotel Kamp, and less than a 10 minute walk from the Central Rai... continue reading
Discovering Denia during your next holidays
Away from the overcrowded mainstream holiday destinations, Denia is without doubt, one of the most precious hidden gems in the Mediterranean. A lovely small townPopular holiday destinations are always our first thought when we start to plan our next summer holidays. However, any avid traveller knows that mainstream tou... continue reading
What to Know Before Investing in the Stock Market
It's a fact that the stock market offers a lot of opportunities to make money. However, it is also a good way to lose a lot of money fast if you don't know what you are doing.

If investing has always been an interest of yours and you have a fair amount of knowledge of the industry, accumulating stock will likely be ... continue reading
COVID-19 effect on stoners' lives
No one saw a global pandemic coming and BAM, then all of us were faced with extended periods of time with ourselves and our homes. Some people found this to be one of the biggest challenges in their lives, but how exactly did this affect the stoner percentage of humanity? I would dare to say that there wasn't ever a be... continue reading
Parents, Teenagers, and Rock-Solid Relationships
Divorce is a tough thing. It can be tough to cope with separating from your spouse after attempting to build a life together. If you share children, navigating the situation can be even trickier. Divorced couples who have kids together can't exactly make "clean breaks." They have to maintain harmonious and practical in... continue reading
The Most Exciting NFL Teams to Watch This Season
After a long time off, football is finally coming back. With the preseason just around the corner, football fans are getting excited for what is shaping up to be a fantastic year in the sport. With so much news in the offseason, many teams are ready to shake up the old standings. Here are some of the teams we can't wai... continue reading
How IoT Can Improve Industrial Data Collection Processes
Many companies depend on data collection to comply with regulations in their industry. This applies doubly to industries that are heavily regulated for the purpose of public safety, including food production, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace.

Efficiently collecting this data in a reliable format used... continue reading
Nostalgia Marketing, Millennials, and the Ghostbusters 2020 Remake
Children of the 1980s, a group that consists largely of people who would grow up to become millennials, the tech-savvy, hopelessly broken generation that still lives with their parents, are known in marketing circles for their emotional attachment to certain products.

And it's not hard to see why. Millennials, that... continue reading
Pavigym is the next generation in innovative gym flooring
The fitness industry is highly competitive, and the number of budget gyms and high-end boutique studios are only increasing. Members expect a quality service, from high quality equipment to excellent changing facilities.

It's easy to overlook, but all these fitness centres have one thing in common: the flooring. An... continue reading
Introduction to sports betting bonuses
Are you into sports betting? Betting on sports can be a very lucrative side-job, or why not even full-time job, as long a you know what you're doing. Obviously, it's a type of gambling, but a number of friends who have been sports traders for years are turning constant profit from it. If you do it right, sometimes gett... continue reading
Why hasn't Trump still shared his tax returns?
Trump has been asked to share his tax returns numerous times. Yet, he still hasn't done it. But why? While all of the following could be wrong, if he's not sharing them, there must be a reason for it. And the true reason can't be the one he's stated himself - that he can't release the tax information because it's under... continue reading
Difference between crypto and stock / forex market and how to make the most of it
One could say that trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, or trading forex - it's all very similar. And from one perspective it is, but when you take a closer look at it, there's one clear and important difference.

For example, when it comes to investors in stock or forex market, only around 1 percent of them manage the... continue reading
Financial advice for dummies
While none of us wants to depend on money in our day-to-day lives, most of us still do. There's never enough of it. What would be some good financial suggestions to keep in mind when thinking about money?

Need and Want
In order to save money, keep an eye on your spending. Many things that we buy thinking that we ne... continue reading
San Francisco to wipe thousands of marijuana convictions
According to SFGate, San Francisco will wiping thousands of convictions related to marijuana. Since marijuana was made legal for recreational use in November 2016, the state decided that it would make sense to either expunge or reduce misdemeanors and felony convictions going back decades.

As a result many people w... continue reading
7 Things You Aren't Told Before Visiting New York City
New York City has been featured in numerous movies over the years. Little wonder that many tourists will feel familiar enough with the city to visit without doing much research or talking to their New Yorker friends. The result is that what was supposed to be a fun and memorable experience ends up as nightmarish and de... continue reading
Romantic Things to Do in NYC
Famously known as the city that never sleeps, New York City is an incredibly diverse and versatile city. Full of history, music, and art, incredible architecture and the best food you'll ever eat, it is no wonder NYC is a popular destination for couples who want to get away from it all and focus on each other.

Take ... continue reading
A Day At The Cheltenham Festival
For any follower of horse racing, spending a day at the Cheltenham Festival will highly on their sporting bucket list. Whether you are in attendance on the opening Tuesday or the final Friday, the atmosphere you will experience at Prestbury Park is unrivalled by any other venue in horse racing and you will be treated t... continue reading
Doomsday Clock now as close to midnight as in 1953
Atomic scientists have just moved the metaphorical Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight. It's now 2 minutes to midnight. The last time it was as close to midnight was in 1953 as Cold War had reached its highest levels.

Doomssay Clock is is a symbol representing the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe... continue reading
Debt Scams That Can Cause You to Go Deeper Into Debt
If you are one of the thousands of Americans who are experiencing the heavy load of multiple debts, then you are a potential target of individuals posing as debt collectors. They are ready to prey on you and rip off of your hard-earned money.

They have mastered the craft of lying, and this makes taking advantage of... continue reading
Spain ready to consider giving Catalonia greater fiscal autonomy
In hopes to soften the crises brought on by the referendum in Catalonia last month that culminated in unilateral declaration of independence (for a moment), Spain is now ready to discuss giving Catalonia greater fiscal autonomy. The country might be ready to offer Catalonia the power to collect and manage its own taxes... continue reading
Travel Tips and Advice for First Time Trips to Greece
Have you always dreamed of visiting Greece to enjoy the ancient history, beautiful beaches and delicious food? If you answered yes, you're not alone. Millions of people around the globe dream of visiting this Southern European country at least once in their lives. Tourists can rent luxurious mansions in Greece overlook... continue reading
President-elect talking about his heroes
Michael Gove, columnist for The Times, and Kai Diekmann, former chief editor of the German newspaper Bild, interviewed Donald Trump. During the long interview, they also asked him a simple question, or at least it would be simple for most of the people on this globe.

The question was: Do you have any models... continue reading
13 Inspirational Sports Quotes
Amidst all the 'know what I means' and 'ya'knows' it's sometimes painfully hard to understand what sportspeople are trying to say. Yes, when it comes to philosophers you don't find too many philosophising on the sports field. They're often seen as inarticulate and when it comes to telling us their innermost tho... continue reading
Trump: The Most Controversial Political Figure?
There’s no question that Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in American politics has been riddled with controversy. No sooner had he announced his candidacy than he began to say inflammatory things about minority groups, his opponents and other countries. Indeed, it seems at stages that his only political strate... continue reading
The Importance of Entertainment in the World of Sports
When it comes to the world of entertainment, people have many different preferences. While some enjoy being entertained by movies or music there are others that find the best entertainment comes in the form of sporting events. With so many different and exciting sporting events to choose from, there is somethin... continue reading
The Revenant - over-hyped, overrated, and ridiculously overspent
So I finally watched The Revenant. I really wasn't going to, but pretty much all of my friends were recommending it for one reason or another. And let's be honest, it did win three Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director and Best Actor. So it can't be that bad, can it? Especially if we add ... continue reading
5 Effective Ways to Cut Down on Your Everyday Expenses
Whether you are finding ways to make ends meet, you would like save more for the future or you want to start being mindful of spending your hard earned money, there are various ways on how you can effectively cut down on your household expenses. One of the challenges of working to lower your expenses is the idea of giv... continue reading
Why these Gaming Apps are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
Since its 18th Century beginnings, Roulette has riveted players becoming one of the best loved games in land based casinos and more recently, online. Thanks to itunes’ Roulette app, the game is optimized for handhelds and easily available for download allowing fans of the game to spin the wheel of fortune and e... continue reading
The 5 Best Android Apps for Every Occasion
While some Android app developers may be searching for the best demand side platform, many users of Android mobile devices are on the lookout for the best apps that they can use for any occasion. In both cases, there are multiple options. As a result, so much competition can make it hard to know what product is the one... continue reading
Student Loan Horror Stories - 38% of students have had issues getting their loans
As many young adults head to university, research carried out by an online voucher code website has revealed 38% of students have had issues getting student loans, whilst 23% did not receive any money when starting University for up to 3 months. Furthermore 19% of the students questioned admitted they found the whole ... continue reading
Ronaldo suffers a double bluff!
Ronaldo and Bebeto have reunited but not on the football field and in a way which took Ronaldo by surprise.

The pair who played together for Brazil, were opposing each other this time, playing poker as part of a PokerStars event to promote the game in Brazil.

[pic1]The name Ronaldo once synonymous with football,... continue reading
It's time to take a selfie!
That's right, the newly "legally" accepted word selfie has been making waves with even presidents and prime ministers taking selfies of themselves. What we are suggesting is just a bit different though. We are suggesting you to take a selfie of your nutritious healthy go-to food. And we suggest that for a good ... continue reading
Chupa Chups releases 50-carat precious stone lollipops
According to an announcement by Chupa Chups they have just released a limited edition lollipops that could be a precious stone worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. Based on the information we have at hand right now, the lollipop could be a sapphire, a ruby stone, giant black pearl, or an emerald.

The 50-c... continue reading
Other Ways To Make Travel Your Career
If you love travelling, learning about different cultures and areas of the world, and making plans and travel arrangements, the travel and tourism industry might be a great fit for you. Not everyone wants to or can become a travel blogger, after all; but you can still turn your passion for travel and culture in... continue reading
Uncut diamond inside a lollipop, what?
Earlier today I happened to come across a video in Youtube, a story by "3 News," that caught my attention. The video claims that a 16-year-old actually managed to find an uncut diamond inside a lollipop.

Authorities have no ideas at this point where the diamond might be from, the value of which might be millions of ... continue reading
Five Reasons Why Online Gaming Disrupts Traditional Casino Experience
The boardwalk of casino gaming has expanded and touch based with the virtual world. The proliferation of online casinos is a solid proof that the demand continues to mount.
Casino online gaming is revolutionizing the gambling experience in more ways than one. It holds a considerable edge, especially at this da... continue reading
The Cafeteria Terrorist
Important Notice: If FBI/CIA was to request and article about this topic, the article could look similar to this. Full of stupidity. We considered writing a humorous piece, but...why not scare you with simple fact-based informational article that has been written based on an FBI document. No leaked document, just a pub... continue reading
Most Popular Post Study Abroad Careers
Studying abroad is a great opportunity to get the experience and skills you need for getting the most perspective job. But here you are, with your overseas degree, what is next? Most of those who were brave enough to dare studying abroad are eager to bond their professional life with traveling and exploring new horizon... continue reading
5 Timeless Lessons About Divorce That You Need To Learn NOW!
After getting divorced and having to go through everything else that goes along with it, I feel inclined to share the timeless lessons that I learned so my fellow divorcees can better cope with the experience.

Having a divorce can be so devastating that many fail to get back on their feet after having faced ... continue reading
10 Interesting facts about NFL
There are some truly inspiring and rather amazing facts about the NFL that everyone should know. Even people that don't care about the NFL will be amazed by some of these. You will not find any NFL betting information below, but these facts are sure to impress your friends next time when you're watching a game ... continue reading
The future of energy - Thorium
We live in a world of finite resources. Some of those finite resources are coal, oil, and gas that so many people rely on for energy. Alternative energy sources are very important to our survival as a race. There are many different alternative energy sources available to us. One such source is thorium.

Thori... continue reading
Must Dos for a Memorable Wedding
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It's a time of tremendous celebration, both for you and the groom and your families and friends. Your wedding also requires lots of organizing and preparation. Even if you have a small wedding, there are activities to complete. For starters, you and your fiancé will hav... continue reading
What You Need to Know About LSAT Dates
The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is administered at testing centers throughout the world, including the United States and Canada. Designed to test a student’s ability to succeed in law school (based on their reading and verbal reasoning skills), this standardized test consists of five sections, including m... continue reading
Are You a 21st Century Hermit?
With a million and one friends on Facebook, an army of followers on Twitter and an inbox where there's never a dull moment, chances are you see yourself as quite the social type, right?

It's funny, but the very people that poke fun as the shut-ins of the 21st century are often guilty of precisely the same cr... continue reading
Common Mistakes of Novice Cigar Smokers
It's easy to look like an amateur when you try something new - lighting up that first cigar is no exception. You may have qualms about smoking in general, or maybe your don't worry about it at all, but in either case you should be prepared to knowledgeably conduct yourself if you're invited to smoke a cigar. ... continue reading
Can you afford your holiday?
According to data recently released by Travel Supermarket, the average UK holidaymaker spends £617 on their holiday and due to the convenience offered by low or zero interest credit cards, many are turning to credit to fund their week or two away in foreign countries.

So, what's the problem?
Credit cards ... continue reading
Everything you wanted to know about McDonald's
The world's largest chain of fast food restaurants is operating in 119 countries and serves roughly 68 million customers daily. Welcome to the daily life of the McDonald's Corporation.

The company started as a barbecue restaurant back in 1940 and reorganized as a hamburger stand in 1948. Today McDonald's se... continue reading
Rare Case Of Occult Spinal Dysraphism Discovered In Taiwan

In a rare case a young girl’s back problem was diagnosed through thick hair that was growing on her back. According to experts this thick back growth hair is a sign of spinal injury, and is a sign that there are many back issues that could be occurring.

The 3 year old young girl was taken to the doctor to get th... continue reading
Macy's and American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign
Macy's introduced a red dress pin sale to boost up some of their charitable campaigns. Among these is the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women campaign, which strives to raise awareness about women's health issues. The pins themselves retail for just $2 a piece, and everyone buying a pin will get 15-20 percent... continue reading
The Top 3 reasons to sell your structured settlement
If you've won a personal injury case or some other form of lawsuit, and your award was a relatively high one, chances are you're being paid a structured settlement. These settlements are designed to make it affordable for those who owe money to pay it within a decent amount of time. However, a decent amount of time cou... continue reading
Everyone is legendary at something
Heineken has just launched a campaign named The Odyssey with the idea that everyone is good at something, every man is legendary at something. The ad demonstrates well the simplest idea that we don't have to be good at everything, we don't have to be stars in everything. It's good enough to know your own thing.
[pic1... continue reading
Buying Real Estate? Watch out for pitfalls
Land is widely thought to be the safest and if not the only proper investment. But in the contemporary real estate market is it really so or has it become a conventional myth? Current facts and figures from the world of immobility bear frequent records of subprime loans, defaults, foreclosure and predatory lend... continue reading
The Most Prevalent Issues That Cause Disability
[pic1]According to 2010 U.S. census statistics, over thirty million Americans are receiving Social Security Disability. The term "disabled" serves as an umbrella definition to define a large array of limitations, which differ in severity.  Federal Medicare and Social Security disability programs are in place to provide... continue reading
30 Emerging Jobs of the Future
[pic1]A new workplace trends reports has just been released by a company called Sodexo. The report mainly addresses the key issues affecting the workplaces of today and tomorrow and offers solutions to them. In addition to identifying the ten significant workplace trends, it also includes an article about 30 Emerging J... continue reading
Scott Adams, Mark Fidelman, Beverly Macy to speak at IBM Connect 2014
Among the featured speakers at IBM Connect 2014 are keynote speakers Scott Adams, Dave Lavery and Mark Fidelman, Beverly Macy.

[pic1]IBM Connect 2014 started on January 26 and runs through January 30th. The theme for the conference is Energizing Life's Work. Everything we do in life, should energize us, it should gi... continue reading
Gift ideas to get your adrenaline going
There are so many of us these days that experience our sports and our adrenaline-fueled highs vicariously - through the experience of others.
So we sit like Homer Simpson supping beer and eating chips in front of our TV screens watching football or baseball – or the Indie 500, thinking we're somehow ‘part' of ... continue reading
Things to do in Cancun
Four decades ago, few knew of Cancun as it sat deserted in the Caribbean. Made up of sand dunes in the shape of a '7', it became a small fishing town in the seventies until its full potential was released, making Cancun what it is today. Powdery white beaches and turquoise waters set the scene for what is arguably one ... continue reading
From The Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty: Five Great Holiday Monuments You Can Climb
When travelling to a new country or a different part of your own country, it's always good to visit the local attractions. Whether it's museums and art galleries that take your fancy or something a bit more adventurous, the attractions can often make the holiday.

With that in mind, we've put together some of the fiv... continue reading
2014: Long Haul Destinations to Look Out For
With Christmas over for couple of weeks already, many people's thoughts are turning to 2014 holidays. It gives them something to look forward to after the madness of the festive season, not to mention the seemingly infinite winter stretching ahead. If you are planning to book a holiday for next year, you should conside... continue reading
How do Americans use their time? Sleeping, pooping, doing their hair?
According to American time use survey from 2012, the average American between ages 25 and 54, who is employed and has children, spends 8.8 hours on working and related activities, 7.7 hours for sleeping, 1.1 hours for eating and drinking, 1 hour for household activities, 1.2 hours for caring for others, 2.6 hours for l... continue reading
How to beat the Monday blues
After the weekend has ended and the working week has rolled around once more, we are all prone to a dose of the Monday blues. You've got a stack of work to get through, you have to sit through meetings for another five days straight and it seems like forever until you can enjoy another blow-out night again.

Well, h... continue reading
Have you ever been to Okinawa?
Whenever you visit a new destination, a place you've never been to before, the best idea is to get to know the locals and try to hang out with them. And in Okinawa it's no different. You may actually find people in Okinawa more friendly than anywhere else.

Of course, this is far from being the only reason t... continue reading
US stock exchanges and the ASX: A comparison
Alongside the widely recognised New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ, there are a number of other US-based exchanges, such as the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX).

However, many of the smaller exchanges have now been swallowed up by larger corporations. For example, the Philad... continue reading
The art of addressing source code
[pic1]The path that leads to making a video game is, like all wish-fulfilling fantasies, fraught with perilously tedious real-world details. While it may seem like a quick hop; skip and jump from taping up the curtains to prevent screen-glare to releasing your own pixel-art wonder, rabid obsession is not enough to over... continue reading
Running with your dog: Get fit and lose weight whilst running with your dog
Running is one of the best ways to get cardiovascular exercise. It raises your heart rate and works a lot of areas in your body, great for shedding any of that unwanted weight. A good way to start running is to do it with your dog, you walk them 2-3 times a day anyhow, you might as well use that time to get fit... continue reading
When your dream holiday doesn't go as planned
One of the best forms of enjoying yourself or relaxing while taking a break from work is through travelling. By travelling we not only engage in some quality time but also realize the importance of learning through experiences and the company of one's family and friends.

You need to Plan
Travelling can tur... continue reading
Own your dream car using a car loan
All of us have various aspirations. For some it may be a house, for some a great job and for others who aspire to move at the speed of convenience, it is a car. A car is a symbol of prosperity, speed and for most of us, luxury. Whether it is for a bachelor who requires a small car, a small family who is looking... continue reading
The Scion 10th Series Celebrates Success
When the Toyota Motor Company launched its innovative Scion auto marque ten years ago no one could have guessed just how far it would come. In the decade since the new line’s introduction to the world the Scions have received considerable critical celebration and acclaim from drivers all over the world.

To c... continue reading
5 Adrenaline Fueled Spectator Sports
Do you enjoy watching exciting sports? There are a select few sports that are great to watch and can really get your heart pumping and give you an adrenaline rush. Some people prefer watching high energy sports, rather than more relaxed sports such as Golf and cricket. There is nothing better than soaking up the atmosp... continue reading
Top 2014 Events in Kuwait
Kuwait City is a vibrant, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and immaculate metropolis that has made significant strides of late to bolster tourism. By the looks of it, 2014 will be a banner year for the city and, indeed, Kuwait as a whole.
With that, discover some of the top events to take in and see in Kuwait in 2... continue reading
Home Protection Tips
One of the biggest threats to your home is burglary. Some homes are more susceptible to these burglaries than others due to their layout, the amount of time they are empty and a variety of other factors. So how do you make your home less appealing to burglars? These simple tips will help you protect your home and deter... continue reading
What to Remember when Christmas Shopping for your Girlfriend
Shopping for your female other half is a task that should be approached with the utmost caution. To avoid spending New Year single, down the pub with your dad again, you need to make sure you get it just right.
But don't fear - we're here to help. We've compiled a list of the most important things to consider ... continue reading
This Week in the NBA
A busy week of basketball in the NBA has saw 24 games played over Monday - Thursday, with a further 24 over an action-packed weekend.

[pic1]Heading into the weekend you might've said the team of the week so far would be the New York Knicks. However their 114-73 defeat against the Boston Celtics at the weekend in wh... continue reading
Medical Beanbags - What They Are & What They Do
Bean bags are traditionally thought of as a means for lounging, relaxing and playing - but medical bean bags have a more important benefit - as these are able to both provide support, and aid recovery from treatment and injury.

Everything from pregnancy to back problems and leg injuries can be supported within the m... continue reading
Who the fark is Miley Cyrus?
She's being talked about, she's being played in the radio, she's someone known by the whole of the younger public. So who is she really?
Miley Cyrus was bred for fame the moment she was born, being the daughter of famous Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus best known best for his hit "Achey Breaky Heart" yet has st... continue reading
Sydney Holidays: Add a Punch with Campervans
Travelling does develop our brains, and none of us will agree we don't have one. And if there is self-driven holiday written in your tour package, consider it an icing on the cake. Sitting behind the wheels of your self-driven campervan, with your family besides you, is a great way to explore the picturesque suburbs of... continue reading
The Natural Choice
Aesthetically speaking, green is not just a color for a design but it's a theme for renewal and conservation. The theme green when applied to your home means using environment friendly appliances and resources in contribution to the conservation of the environment. If you want to turn your home green, here are some bab... continue reading
Point of Sale - Mind on your Business
[pic1]The markets are abuzz with innovative technologies brought to your door-steps to make your life easier. Technology has been a driving force that propels the financial health of your business and simplifies its administrative arm. Point of Sale is one such concept, which is a shot in the arm for hospitality and re... continue reading
Turkey: it’s never too soon to start exploring
Turkey really is a one of kind holiday destination. This is a country that straddles not just two continents but two ways of life. It forms the geographical and natural border between the ancient and the modern, the European and the Asian, and the Christian and Islamic worlds.

It is a truly fascinating country and ... continue reading
Judy Gold to take part of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off is a show by Food Network that will be premiering its third season on January 6th, at 9pm ET/PT. Among the eight multi-talented celebrities to take part of the show is Judy Gold, an American stand-up comic, who will be working her way up and trying to win $50 000 for her chosen chari... continue reading
You have a license?
I'm 30, but I got my driver's license in spring this year. Why? Well, the fact is that I simply haven't seen the need for them. Truth be told, I went to the driving school already back in 2007 and finished it within 45 days. Then of course, when the time came to go to national exam center, I had lost the motivation aga... continue reading
5 Tips to Decrease Building Costs
Building a house is really expensive and you need to be financially prepared when you decide to have a house erected. It's a good thing that you can use modern technology to help you assess the cost of building a house, for instance, you can use a building cost estimator that will help you assess the amount that you wo... continue reading
4 Ways to Get Free Internet When You need it
Ah, the internet. It's practically a guarantee that anyone net-savvy enough to navigate to this page would consider life without internet to be a horrid one indeed. That may actually not be true – the depth of disorientation we'd feel should we be forced to stay off the net may actually be unimaginable.

Unfortunatel... continue reading
The cost of huge transportation projects - do the construction companies lie?
Huge transportation projects obviously cost a motherload, but as experience shows, the actual price often ends up being a mothermother load squared. Why does it happen is a good question, but it is definitely a possibility that the initial deadlines and costs outlined in the project bids are set based on what t... continue reading
Top 10 songs about car-loving
It seems that there are almost as many songs about loving your car as there are about loving another person. So many "passion for the pistons" ditties, that coming up with a universally accepted list of the top 10 car-loving songs just may not be possible. It's also very interesting to note that there is no single styl... continue reading
What is the Difference Between E-Cigarette and E-Shisha
E-Shisha and E-Cigarettes are some of the amazing products created by modern technology. These products are growing very popular and consider one of the safer ways of smoking. For these reasons, many people wonder about the difference between E-Cigarettes and E-Shisha.
When it comes to smoke and vapor producti... continue reading
Alzheimer's facts and figures
Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and more than 5 million people are currently living with it. In recognition of the disease November has been named the National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month. Companies such as the leading operator of senior living solution in the U.S., Brookdale,... continue reading
The top 3 biggest art heists
[pic1]How do you put a value on something as remarkable, as unique and as ‘priceless' as the Mona Lisa? Art insurance valuations have to do precisely that, and for good reason. Art theft, although perhaps a little less common today than it was 20 years ago, is still a major concern for any gallery or private collector ... continue reading
Why it’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas!
At some point, everyone has experienced the trauma of Christmas preparations left until the last minute. It's hard to imagine anything that can be as stressful as finding yourself in the local shopping centre, gigantic frozen turkey and gifts in tow, realising that you've forgotten something extremely important. You sl... continue reading
Why you should take walking holidays in the UK
Walking holidays: the perfect way to get out and appreciate the great outdoors in different parts of the world. Every destination has something unique to offer, but the UK stays firmly at the top of my list. Here, I explain why...
Breathtaking countryside
You could travel past Sicilian volcanoes in Italy or t... continue reading
The youngest football player to win the World Cup
Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known around the world as simply Pelé, is the youngest footballer/soccer player in the world to have ever won the World Cup. Born and raised in in the poverty stricken area of Brazil known as Bauru, Pelé learned to play the sport by simply using a sock stuffed with newspaper that was tied t... continue reading
Australian Art: The Best Galleries Down Under!
With a stunning natural landscape and some of the world's best beaches, it's no wonder Australia is such a popular tourist destination. But there's so much more on offer in this diverse country, and culture lovers shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to discover some of Australia's greatest works of art.

Whether y... continue reading
Beginners Guide to Wine Etiquette
For wine lovers, enjoying a satisfying glass of wine is an activity that cannot be substituted. The vast variety of types and flavors cater to almost all specific needs, and this makes wine an especially popular type of alcohol. Like any other favorite past time, wine drinking has rules that are recognized and ... continue reading
Water found on Mars, so when do we move?
Mars is an exciting place. It is very similar to the Earth, minus a few problems like having no atmosphere. Recent discoveries made by NASA's robotic explorers have shown that there is even water on the planet that melts and travels across the dusty, rusty plains of Mars. With all the possibilities, why aren't ... continue reading
Ten interesting and maybe not so well known facts about earth
How much do you know about Earth? If the answer is "not much," don't worry. Thanks to the hard work by scientists and curious hobbyists, humans today know a whole lot about their home planet - what's in it, on it and around it. So read on to educate yourself, and maybe pick up some conversation starters for parties.
... continue reading
Krokodil Drug - the drug DEA doesn't know about
Krokodil, Russian for 'crocodile', is a flesh-eating drug, often disguised as heroine, and it has been spreading around the country. I's made up of a mixture of crushed codeine pills, hydrochloric acid, butane, paint thinner, and various other toxic ingredients. When injected intravenously, all these ingredient... continue reading
Indecision: Barack Obama On Syria
The big question on the lips of every news anchor and columnist is about the notable appearance of indecision on the part of US President Barack Obama. Is the President actually indecisive or is this just more political posturing by one of the most power men in the world? Some even contend that the indecision may just ... continue reading
Coca Cola: A few things you might have not been aware of
Coca-Cola, a worldwide name brand, one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, and also a staple of modern Americana. While many know the company's most famous product, their red canned cola, few know of or remember the long road the company has been on to get where they are today. Going from the small drug store... continue reading
How to Receive an Awful Present
[pic1]Whether it's a secret Santa or insane grandma, there are times in your life when you'll receive presents that are not only bad, but have no relevance or connection to you. Unfortunately, this happens more than anyone would like, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. There's rarely any in which it's okay to... continue reading

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