No one saw a global pandemic coming and BAM, then all of us were faced with extended periods of time with ourselves and our homes. Some people found this to be one of the biggest challenges in their lives, but how exactly did this affect the stoner percentage of humanity?

I would dare to say that there wasn't ever a better time to be a stoner in a lifetime. And even better if you had planted your marijuana plants and were already getting ready to dry cannabis right before the quarantine had started. Wasn't the force with you, man.

Don't worry if this wasn't your case, even if you missed being extremely lucky in a once in a lifetime global pandemic situation, you can still get yourself some autoflowering cannabis seeds through https://2fast4buds.com/autoflowering-cannabis-seeds website and start growing your own plants. You'll probably still be just as happy and caring for a new plant seems like a great way to make time pass by.

Staying at home all day and lighting up doesn't sound like a horrible plan at all, right?

Anyways, as I was saying, and I have my foundations for my theories, the worldwide COVID-19 crisis seemed to be not so hard on our beloved stoner community. Staying at home all day and lighting up doesn't sound like a horrible plan at all, right? Turns out that during quarantine, I have heard of many friends, and friends of friends, who aren't such frequent marijuana consumers asking desperately for weed.

So it all led me to one conclusion: cannabis became people's best friend during this so hated global pandemic period. In fact, it sort of became a gateway to the locked-down feeling.

There are several types of pandemic handling: the paranoid android type of people, who spray disinfectant on their hands after almost every breath they, or anyone around them takes, those who haven't seen sunlight in months and jump at the sight of human contact even in movies. Then there's the actually normal type, who wash their hands as often as necessary and take a walk outside every now and then, keeping their social distance. And then there is the way-hey too relaxed type of people, who are almost sneezing into your neck in the supermarket line and who go on clandestine parties because they simply can't stop, won't stop.

However, we will never forget our favorite group, which could blend as a mix of the ones mentioned above: the stoners surviving coronavirus. If you're not a frequent marijuana user, and you see all your stoner head friends taking it extremely chill, do you see a common factor between them? Nothing sounds better for a frequent cannabis user than staying home, sitting on the couch, and lighting up a bowl or a joint. It's as if they're whole life was training them for this exact moment of testing, can they make it? I'd place my bets that they (we) can.

So if you're stressing about the covid-19 pandemic too much, perhaps it's time you start joining the 4:20 ritual and light up every now and then. This will for sure help you release some of that stress and make this tense time in human history softer on your shoulders. Perhaps you could even occupy some of your time by growing and taking care of your own cannabis plants!