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Beginners Guide to Wine Etiquette

 article about wine etiquette

For wine lovers, enjoying a satisfying glass of wine is an activity that cannot be substituted. The vast variety of types and flavors cater to almost all specific needs, and this makes wine an especially popular type of alcohol. Like any other favorite past time, wine drinking has rules that are recognized and recommended by those who partake. Following wine etiquette is essential in discovering the true essence of wine, and this guide to wine etiquette attempts to make the process as easy as possible.

Wine is an alcohol that is particularly sensitive to temperature. In order to enjoy a chosen wine to the fullest, it is important to consider the best temperatures at which to serve that wine. For some, temperature can lessen unlikable flavors and, in others, it can heighten the less noticeable flavors. In either case, temperate plays a key role in how enjoyable the wine is. Although there are many different recommended temperatures for different types of wine, the general assertion is that red wines should be served at no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and white wine should be served at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that the wine is at the proper temperature, the next step is vital to remember and just as crucial in the enjoying of the wine. To put it simply, allowing the wine to breathe provides important oxidation. With this in mind, red wine should be uncorked around an hour before serving. On the other hand, white wine does better when served immediately after uncorking. For those who simply cannot wait to enjoy, wine can also be oxidized by simply swirling the wine in the glass. Some may also own decanters in order to serve and these assist in oxidizing as well as separating the sediment in vintage red wines. 

Now to pick the right glass. Often, the best things can be diminished if they aren't presented in the right way, and the right glass can also compliment the quality and temperature of the wine nicely. For red wine, it is imperative that it be served in a large glass with a bowl shape at the bottom in order to support the oxidation process, and white wine is served in a smaller, narrower glass that compliments the features. Although it can sometimes be a harrowing task to pick the right glass with the wide assortment available, it is easier when wine etiquette is followed. Finally, the last step is to pour the wine, and proper wine etiquette is also a key part in this task. Wine with bubbles should be poured gently and against the side of the wine glass in order to preserve these bubbles, while wine without bubbles should be poured in the center. Another key component to remember when pouring the wine is to never fill the wine glass too full. Typically, pouring the wine to a point around half the cup is acceptable, but there are some who follow different guidelines for different types of wine. When taking that route, red wine should be poured to a third of the glass, white wine to half of the glass, and sparkling wine to three fourths full. 

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