We look at why Malaysia is so popular with couples and the ultimate best places for an unforgettable honeymoon.

What Makes Malaysia So Attractive to Couples?

Malaysia is one of the cheapest Asian destinations to go to on holiday. If you are saving for a wedding and everything you will need to start married life, this is an important reason for selecting this destination. Places to stay while in Malaysia that are ideal for honeymooners are also really cost-effective.

Whether the two of you are looking for wild adventure, something exotic and luxurious, plenty of hiking, or simply romance, Singapore has it, from rainforests to beaches and sea, to hills that call you to climb them.
Most people speak and understand English so you will not encounter a language barrier. Despite the Pan-Asian culture, there is a lot that is contemporary too. The cuisine offers an array of Asian dishes influenced by its ethnicities.

You should plan to visit Malaysia outside of the May to September and November to March months during the two monsoon seasons. Some parts of the country are fine at the same time as others are deluged. Otherwise, the weather is beautiful for the rest of the year with plenty of heat and humidity. Check with a good travel guide to select the best time for a particular spot.

Romantic Tioman Island

Tioman Island is shaped like a dragon. Legend has the dragon princess stopping off at the island on the way to see her beloved dragon prince. The island has countless mountain streams and flourishing tropical jungles with waterfalls contrasted with white beaches.

If you're on a strict budget, you can stay at the Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort. However, if at all possible, see if you can manage the Japamala Resort. Access to the island is via the aptly named Tioman airport.

Set aside three to four days to have time to see everything of interest and also to just relax in each other's company. March to October are the perfect months for your honeymoon on Tioman Island. If you like water sports, there is snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, surfing, and kayaking.

Shopping is duty-free.

Pulau Langkawi - 'Many Beautiful Islands'

You will want to book in at the seaside Berjaya Langkawi 5-star Resort encased in lush tropical rainforest. The resort provides guests with island tours and sunset cruises. On some of the islands, you will have the opportunity to feed the eagles. It is rewarding to spend a few hours at the Dataran Lang, Wildlife Park, and Bird Paradise. You can travel by cable car to the peak of the Gunung Matchincang mountain. The Stardust BBQ Sunset Dinner Cruise is the perfect setting for a romantic meal as you trail slowly through the dark water. There is even a mangrove safari. Inland are numerous scenic villages and the island has its share of paddy fields. Tourist restaurants that are well worth your time and money are Selera Akmal and Siti Fatimah.

Pulau Langkawi is known as the Jewel Of Kedah. Its Sanskrit name translates as 'many beautiful islands'. It is located in the Andaman Sea, an emerald sea surrounded by pristine beaches. Pulau Langkawi has the reputation of being Malaysia's number one honeymoon destination and is one of over a hundred islands found in the Andaman Sea.

To get to Pulau Langkawi you will use the Langkawi international airport. The island is safe to visit even in the monsoon months so you can virtually choose the dates you want and what ties in with the day of your wedding. The minimum stay you want to book is three to four days. After a week at Pulau Langkawi, you will be reluctant to leave it at all.

From Honeymooners to Residents

A surprising number of couples fall in love with Malaysia, no doubt influenced somewhat by their romantic honeymoons and the wild, natural beauty of the country firmly held in check by modernization. With so much to do and so many unseen vistas, flooded by heartwarming and uplifting memories young newlyweds sometimes choose to invest in Malaysia by buying property and seeking a residency permit and visa.

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Whether it is for a honeymoon or the rest of your life, Malaysia will not leave you unmoved.