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Krokodil Drug - the drug DEA doesn't know about

 article about krokodil drug

Krokodil, Russian for 'crocodile', is a flesh-eating drug, often disguised as heroine, and it has been spreading around the country. I's made up of a mixture of crushed codeine pills, hydrochloric acid, butane, paint thinner, and various other toxic ingredients. When injected intravenously, all these ingredients work together to destroy the body from inside out. It has been known to leave its users blind and their immune system shattered, even after successfully battling the addiction. Doctors and medical specialist are referring to it as 'desomorphine' and studies have proven that it has a very high dependency level. Although it has already been in distribution for about ten years or so, in Russia, not much about it is yet known, at least on a medical level.

Though krokodil has been sold disguised as heroine, it is usually sold as a cheaper, more potent alternative to heroine. For those who are on a budget and held tightly within the grasp of a heroine addiction, this flesh-eating drug might sound like a good choice of purchase. From an outsider point of view, one could easily say

Why would anyone want to intravenously inject that awful stuff if it's known to destroy you so quickly, from the inside out?

But from the perspective of the victim of such a strong addiction, first thing in mind is how to satisfy the urge, as quickly and easily as possible. Chances are, if one has already realized they have an addiction to heroine, they are likely also aware that their days are already numbered. If you, yourself or someone you know suffer from an addiction to nicotine, then you have probably already heard someone say

We're all going to die someday, so why does it matter if it comes sooner than later?

The same sort of thing can and often will be said by those who are addicted to heroine and even to krokodil.

The creation of krokodil in Russia comes as no surprise when you look at Russian history - a nation that has suffered poverty for a very long time due to the decisions of many political leaders throughout the years. Even as far back as the days of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and earlier, there have been accounts of the suffering of the Russian people. Now, while the United States economy is near shambles and journalism and the media, a stronger force than ever before, we hear or read about the spread of this awful drug to our very nation.

Observing the state of the nation at this time, it's fair to assume that krokodil will be something that we will start to hear more and more about. We are all a product of whichever society we are a part of and the future is looking quite grim, especially for those who are, for whatever reason, unable to get their hands on or hold onto a job at this time. How much longer until the United States is in a similar place as is Russia, on this very day?

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