One of the biggest threats to your home is burglary. Some homes are more susceptible to these burglaries than others due to their layout, the amount of time they are empty and a variety of other factors. So how do you make your home less appealing to burglars? These simple tips will help you protect your home and deter burglars from choosing your home.

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Eliminate Privacy Fences
Privacy fences are a great way to make your yard more private, effectively separating yourself from your neighbors. However, this can also serve as a good hiding spot for burglars who may target your home. For this reason, you need to weigh the benefits of having your privacy and the risk of having someone use it to break into your home. In most cases, removing the fence is the best way to protect your home and your family from the devastation of a home burglary.

Keep Bushes Trimmed
Bushes are another culprit in your yard that can give burglars the perfect place to conceal their location and get in and out of your home without being detected. If you keep your bushes trimmed to a reasonable size, it will be more difficult for burglars to hide behind them. You may also want to reconsider placing them up against your home, particularly in a location where they can block the view of a window. These make perfect entry points for burglars.

Leave Toys Inside
Burglars want to hit homes where they know they will find high-ticket items. It may seem harmless to leave your child's toys in the yard, but when a burglar sees these toys, they also see dollar signs. Not only do some kids toys bring in high prices, many moms have expensive jewelry that is appealing to the burglars. Keeping your child's toys inside the garage and out of sight will remove this red flag, reducing your risk of a burglary.

Make It Look Like You Are Home
When you aren't home, it is often obvious. The house is dark and quiet and there are no cars in the driveway. If you can make it look like you are home, you will automatically reduce the chances that someone will attempt to break into your home. No burglar wants to risk getting caught so few will attempt anything if someone might be home. Park an extra car in the driveway, use automatic timers on interior lights and a radio and install motion lights outside. This will make it look like someone is inside the home and lead burglars to look elsewhere for their next strike.
If you live in North Carolina, you can contact Charlotte ADT Home Security to get a home security quote. Home security systems are the best way of making sure your belongings and family is safe. However, before you install an expensive home security system, it may be worth it to check into some of your other alternatives. Making it look like you are home, getting rid of child's toys in the yard, keeping bushes trimmed and removing privacy fences are all effective ways to make a burglar think twice about breaking into your home. The less appealing your home is to these thieves, the more likely you are to have a safe home.