When the Toyota Motor Company launched its innovative Scion auto marque ten years ago no one could have guessed just how far it would come. In the decade since the new line's introduction to the world the Scions have received considerable critical celebration and acclaim from drivers all over the world.

To celebrate the many successes that this new brand has enjoyed in its first ten years of life, a special edition release is planned. The Scion 10th series will include special versions of all five of Scion's current models. The 10th series FR-S, xB, xD, tC, and iQ will all be produced in the limited runs familiar to Scion's many fans. 3,500 tC units will be produced, 2,500 FR-S units, 2,100 xB units, 1,000 xD units, and only 900 iQ units. In all, the 10th series vehicles will total 10,000 units.

The limited edition Scion 10 Series

Brought to you by the limited edition Scion 10 Series

A New Brand with a New Spirit

This new vehicle brand was created to showcase Toyota's stylish side while still honoring the legendary dependability that has won Toyota so much acclaim over the years. All the Scions were given highly distinctive looks to separate them from each other and from the rest of vehicles on the market. These new vehicles were styled to suit the tastes of the millennial drivers who craved a unique product at a competitive price.

Each new model year was given eye-catching paint colors and a limited production run to maintain the unique qualities sought by consumers; each dealership received only a handful of new Scion vehicles each year. Price speculation was avoided by Scion's Pure Price program, which guaranteed an MSRP set by the manufacturer. Cars were sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The Pure Price program is still applied to vehicles today.

Introducing the 10th Series

  • FRS – This sport coupe, one of Scion's signature vehicles, gets a bold makeover with the help of Silver Ignition paint, a color designed just for use on the Scion 10th series. The metallic color is emphasized through the addition of a blue illuminating exterior badge. The interior dash has electroluminescent panel lights with the 10th series logo. Drivers that select an FR-S with automatic transmission with find an illuminating shift knob in bright blue that recharges when exposed to sunlight.

  • xB – This street-wise mover is easily the most visually distinctive of the entire lineup. Solid lines suggest strength and poise. The xB 10th series has the Silver Ignition exterior, an illuminated tenth anniversary dashboard logo, LED locator badges, and the blue solar powered shift knob. The xB has an estimated mpg of 22 city and 28 highway.

  • xD – The appealing subcompact hatchback receives the same stunning Silver Ignition paint job as the rest of the 10th series. In addition to all the features that come standard on the xD – including the Star Safety System, touch screen audio controls, and Bluetooth connectivity – this special edition has the attractive blue LED locator badges, solar activated gear shift knob, and the tenth anniversary logo integrated into the dashboard illumination.

  • tC – The attractive tC has always been a top seller. There will be more special edition tC units produced than any other single model in the 10th series, a clear indication of which vehicle is predicted to be the most popular. The tC has an estimated fuel efficiency rating of 23 city and 31 highway. All the 10th series vehicles can be purchased through the Pure Lease program.

  • iQ – This two door vehicle will only have 900 units produced during the limited 10th series run. The iQ is perfect for high efficiency driving and it gets an estimated 36 mpg city and 37 mpg highway. The Silver Ignition color will certainly turn a lot of heads and the anniversary touches will keep this innovative lineup moving towards another milestone anniversary.

The tenth anniversary series is an exciting lineup of distinctive vehicles that celebrate both the innovative style of the marque and the renowned reputation of the Toyota brand.