The fitness industry is highly competitive, and the number of budget gyms and high-end boutique studios are only increasing. Members expect a quality service, from high quality equipment to excellent changing facilities.

It's easy to overlook, but all these fitness centres have one thing in common: the flooring. And although it might not seem that important, the quality of the gym floor is a key area to consider. If a member is taking part in an aerobics class, they want to know that the floor is safe and able to meet their needs. In the same manner, you need to know the floor won't get damaged by dropped weights in the free weights area.

Pavigym develops diverse flooring solutions that lend themselves to every sporting activity, embracing technical requirements such as resistance, flexibility, grip, or slide. This ensures that users get maximum results from their training. Pavigym are continuously working hard to combine high performance materials with the ability to reduce impact on the body, making them the go-to option for any gym owner.

All gym areas have specialist needs

Pavigym offer a wide range of gym flooring to suit each area of the market. The demand for flooring for free weight areas is growing, and Pavigym's solution is the Extreme and Extreme S&S range. Pavigym Extreme is designed for the heaviest and most high impact training styles. It's perfect for Olympic weightlifting, Strongman training, and Powerlifting as it's the most damage resistant of the Pavigym range. Extreme S&S offers maximum resistance for heavy duty weight training areas due to its extra layer of high impact absorption.

Endurance and Endurance S&S are ideal floors for commercial gyms that cater to all areas of the market. Endurance is designed specifically for functional training rooms and weight training zones using medium weight. If a gym owner is looking at attracting members who take part in CrossFit then they should consider installing Pavigym Endurance. Endurance S&S offers top performance and unique aesthetics for standard free weights rooms that require high impact and sound absorption.

The Performance range is designed with cardiovascular machines in mind. Performance provides maximum grip to stop equipment sliding and its noise and vibration reducing properties reduces unnecessary noise.

Motion is the ideal flooring for aerobics studios and group exercise class areas. Scientifically tested to prove its safety and ability to reduce the risk of injury, it's the perfect flooring for group classes and multipurpose gym areas.

Make your gym stand out

More and more gyms are developing functional training areas. If you're a gym owner who wants to keep up with the market, then Pavigym Turf is the perfect consideration. A unique functional training flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor training and ideal for all training styles, Turf can be used for prowler sleds, shuttle runs, and a variety of exercises designed to help athletes prepare for match day or improve cardio.

If you're a gym owner who really wants to make yourself stand out from the competition, you should consider PRAMA. PRAMA incorporates music, lights, and sensors into the workout, offering an inclusive alternative to studio training. This innovative system turns traditional training into an interactive, motivational, and immersive experience. PRAMA is ideal for personal training sessions and group exercise classes. In forty-five-minute session members can burn up to 1000 kilocalories. Several facilities across the globe offer a PRAMA studio, and David Lloyd are the latest big chain to implement PRAMA across their gyms in the UK.

If you're a martial arts gym, then consider Tatami. Tatami is designed to absorb the heavy impacts of various types of martial arts training and gradually restore the members energy.

Rest and Relaxation

Pavigym provide four unique flooring solutions to help members relax. Traffic is designed with an elegant look yet offers high resistance for areas of intense traffic such as reception, corridors, offices, and changing rooms. Traffic is also waterproof for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Body Mind is specifically designed for stretching areas; for example yoga, Pilates and various relaxation classes. Thermal insulation provides added comfort for your members. Acoustic Improves soundproofing and acoustic insulation in gyms and fitness clubs. Comfortgym Mats combine durability with resistance. Comfortgym mats come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, suitable for all.