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Uncut diamond inside a lollipop, what?

 article about Uncut diamond inside a lollipop, what?
Earlier today I happened to come across a video in Youtube, a story by "3 News," that caught my attention. The video claims that a 16-year-old actually managed to find an uncut diamond inside a lollipop.

Authorities have no ideas at this point where the diamond might be from, the value of which might be millions of dollars.

What are the odds of something like this happening? I mean, the chances of winning a a national lottery are smaller than getting hit by a car while on your way to buy the ticket. And considering these odds, what are the chances of a diamond ending up inside a lollipop, either as part of a seriously messed up mistake or as part of a crime where the lollipop ended up in a seriously wrong place.

What do you guys think, is there any truth to this story or...?

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