Famously known as the city that never sleeps, New York City is an incredibly diverse and versatile city. Full of history, music, and art, incredible architecture and the best food you'll ever eat, it is no wonder NYC is a popular destination for couples who want to get away from it all and focus on each other.

Take a Show
Depending on your budget or personal taste, you may be interested in a Broadway, Off-Broadway, or even an Off-Off-Broadway show this Valentine's Day weekend. You may not get tickets for Hamilton because the rest of the world is still pining for them, but you'll find that Off-Broadway shows are just as exciting and well-done as something that costs $100 or more per seat. Bond with your beau over arts and culture in the city that has it all.

All the Food
Sometimes, you simply want to be with your significant other and can't decide what to do. When you're in NYC for the night or the weekend, there is no need to make reservations for dinner - or a snack after catching a late Off-Broadway show. Choose your favorite borough and walk around: which delicious smells draw you in?

At famous spots like The Spotted Pig in the West Village or Russ and Daughters on the Lower East Side, you'll truly begin to understand why people come to New York City and do little else but eat. You'll find basics like NYC pizza and bacon with eggs and cheese, as well as cuisine from every culture you can think of.

Art Shows
Art in New York City is just as vibrant and ever-changing as its food. From politically-motivated paintings to futuristic modern art, you'll find a newer and more exciting exhibit every weekend. Whether you venture to Chelsea or you're uptown with your significant other, explore new media, vintage art exhibits and engage in stimulating conversation about the world around you.

Tour Central Park
Now, we understand that this is going to turn into a cliché, but Central Park is truly a romantic place. Located in Manhattan, this famous park is home to several important statues and memorials, and to the most romantic ride in NYC: the romantic horse and carriage ride.
 article about Romantic Things to Do in NYC
Although criticized for being overpriced, it is a truly lovely gesture to your partner and a classic move toward creating the ideal date night.

Take an inexpensive tour around the city if you want to spend time together without perfectly planning your date from hour to hour. The best dates, while not exactly devil-may-care, do not come with a map. Taking a day to tour the city of chrome with your significant other can be just what both of you need to relax and spend some well-needed time with one another.

New York is an incredibly vibrant city that tugs at the heartstrings and inspires creativity and love at every turn. From walks through Central Park to sampling every type of food there is in Brooklyn, you could have a date in the city that never sleeps and fall in love over and over.