With Christmas over for couple of weeks already, many people's thoughts are turning to 2014 holidays. It gives them something to look forward to after the madness of the festive season, not to mention the seemingly infinite winter stretching ahead. If you are planning to book a holiday for next year, you should consider one of the fabulous long haul destinations that provide you with the perfect place in which to relax, have fun and soak up the sunshine.

Heading further afield is an excellent choice if you really want to leave the greyness behind mentally as well as physically. It is in these far-flung destinations you'll find some of the most glorious picture-postcard beaches, gorgeous sunshine, vibrant nightlife and exciting attractions. You'll also get to sample unique cultures and fascinating histories, adding up to a really unique and exciting holiday.

Five great destinations for your 2014 holiday

If you are wondering which sun-soaked destination to head to in order to make the most of your holiday next year, you certainly won't be short of choices.

  • Florida: The perfect place for a wonderful, memorable holiday - particularly if you are planning a family trip. A holiday in Orlando is just the ticket if you want great weather, an array of attractions and the added excitement of some of the world's best-known theme parks. If it's rest and relaxation you're after, then you can opt for a week at one of Florida's wonderful beach destinations, such as Miami or Clearwater.

  • Mexico: An excellent choice for those who want to combine fun in the sun with a large dose of unique history and culture. Mexico has some wonderful, vibrant resorts such as Cancun or Riviera Maya, where you can enjoy powdery white beaches, glorious weather and a great, hospitable atmosphere. In addition, you can really immerse yourself in culture and history, with everything from exciting festivals through to the Mayan ruins.

  • Bahamas: For serious beach lovers, sun-worshippers and die-hard romantics, the Bahamas is the perfect place to go. This is a paradisical destination that provides a true escape from the drudgery of day-to-day life. You will feel as though you are a universe away from all that as you relax in stunning surroundings, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the famously laid-back Caribbean vibe of this tropical gem.

  • Indonesia: Indonesia is another great place for those who want to enjoy relaxing on beautiful beaches and taking in an incredible landscape. In addition to truly relaxing in your own little slice of paradise, you can also look forward to soaking up the diverse and exciting culture when you head to this destination.

  • Mauritius: If you enjoy water sports, love sunshine and want to be surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Mauritius is a great choice of destination. In addition to relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy a range of recreational activities and swim in the sparkling , clear Indian Ocean.

No matter which of these heavenly destinations you choose to head for, you can look forward to a wonderful holiday that will offer you the adventure of a lifetime along with some much-needed sunshine.