After the weekend has ended and the working week has rolled around once more, we are all prone to a dose of the Monday blues. You've got a stack of work to get through, you have to sit through meetings for another five days straight and it seems like forever until you can enjoy another blow-out night again.

Well, here are just some simple ways to banish the blues and start your week off with a smile.

1) Start the Morning Right

The worst thing about Monday is having to wave goodbye to your lie-in and say hello to your daily routine once more. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Make a few small changes to your morning activities to help you wake up and feel ready for the day ahead.

You can set your alarm slightly earlier than usual each Monday. Although this sounds like the complete opposite of what you want to do, the extra time to lazily get ready and relax before heading off to the office will make all the difference. Add some little treats to keep you cheery as well. Transform your dull shower into a haven of relaxation with some aromatherapy products, or really sink your teeth into breakfast with your favourite foods and drinks.

2) Ease Yourself into Work

 article about How to beat the Monday blues

The hectic rush of returning to work can often fill us with dread on Monday morning. Take some simple steps to adjust to the workload and ease yourself into another week of the nine to five grind.

Spend the first few hours of the morning on simple and enjoyable tasks, such as checking emails or making phone calls, before getting down to the tougher business. If you can't avoid work stresses, then take an early break and have a quiet cup of coffee to avoid feeling overwhelmed and adjust back into work life.

3) Set Out a Schedule

 article about How to beat the Monday blues

If every time you walk into the office you find yourself buried under paperwork and requests then take the time to find a schedule that works for you. Change meetings and deadlines from first thing to mid-week if possible, or set aside the first two hours to focus on your own work, tending to your personal priorities before helping others and responding to clients or customers.

When you're organising your time, bear in mind that studies have proven that we're actually at our most productive around 10am on Monday. This means that you are actually more adept to tackling those challenging tasks before your lunch break rather than after.

4) Have Some Fun

 article about How to beat the Monday blues

Brighten up your day by finding something fun and entertaining to fill the time. Listen to your favourite album at your desk, share some weekend gossip around the water cooler or even play some harmless practical jokes on your fellow co-workers.

Once you've finished that stack of work then make sure to reward yourself with something you enjoy. Bring in sweets or chocolates and tuck into one every time you complete a task, or have a break after you've finally done with that report and dabble in some online games. Some sites, such as www.butlersbingo.com offer a plethora of amusing games to enjoy that will help you shrug off those Monday blues. Make the most of them to stop the day from dragging on.

5) Find Something to Look Forward to

 article about How to beat the Monday blues

If the thought of being at work for another full week really brings you down, then make sure you have something to look forward to. Book in a lunch with a friend, go to the cinema in the evening or just treat yourself to some retail therapy on your way home. Giving yourself something other than just work to do on a Monday will completely change your attitude and keep you upbeat.