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5 Adrenaline Fueled Spectator Sports

 article about 5 Adrenaline Fueled Spectator Sports
Do you enjoy watching exciting sports? There are a select few sports that are great to watch and can really get your heart pumping and give you an adrenaline rush. Some people prefer watching high energy sports, rather than more relaxed sports such as Golf and cricket. There is nothing better than soaking up the atmosphere at your favourite sporting event, cheering for your team or favourite athlete to bring home gold. Some very exciting sports such as Horse Racing, 100 metres, Rugby, Boxing and Formula Won are brilliant to bet on. It adds to the tension knowing you have money on your favourite. Here are 5 adrenaline fueled spectator sports that will not fail to entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Formula One
Formal One is a sport that has to be seen in real life. You just can't compare to sitting right by the track watching these magnificent cars speeding by. The sound of the cars alone is enough to get your pulse racing, then you also get the sound of the crowd cheering all the drivers on. There are plenty of exciting locations to choose from to go and watch the Grand Prix, you might prefer the glitz and glam of Monaco or the traditional British Grand Prix held on home turf at Silverstone.

Horse Racing
Horse racing is an impressive sport to watch because you get to see all the horses and their riders in action. You can watch the race and see the horses take on all the jumps and fight for the win at the finish line. There is always a wonderful atmosphere at horse racing events because everyone is placing their bets and hoping that their chosen horse delivers on the day. It's also quite a social sporting events where you can have a few drinks with friends and enjoy a thrilling day at the races together.

100 Metres
When all the big athletics events take place there is one race that everyone waits in anticipation for, the legendary 100 metres. You can watch the 100 metres easily on TV, but if you want to catch all the action and see the world's fastest men and women on the track then book tickets to watch it live. Everyone wants their chance to see amazing athletes like Usain Bolt in the flesh. Place your bets on who you think is going to win and simply sit back and enjoy the action from your seat in the stadium.

You might be surprised that rugby has made this list but those who have seen a live rugby game will understand why. Rugby is a contact sport where eye popping tackles are made and excitement builds as players sprint towards the line with the ball. Close rugby games are often jam packed with impressive moves and tense moments that will keep you entertained throughout the entire game. You can't beat seeing England play at Twickenham, rugby games are highly enjoyable for spectators.

Watching two people punch each other is always going to be tense. Boxing is a tough sport that involves intensive training and sheer determination. Imagine yourself sitting round the ring watching two legendary boxers give everything. Boxing can be quite nerve racking when things start going downhill for one of the fighters and especially tense when the fight is extremely close. You just don't get the same experience when you watch boxing on TV. You have to see these fighters in action to appreciate what they put their bodies through.

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