Bean bags are traditionally thought of as a means for lounging, relaxing and playing - but medical bean bags have a more important benefit - as these are able to both provide support, and aid recovery from treatment and injury.

Everything from pregnancy to back problems and leg injuries can be supported within the medical bean bag range. From birthing mats, ward loungers, kneeling mats, lower limb supports and feeding friends, there is a wide range of products available for many health issues.

The best thing of all, however, is that medical bean bags not only help to treat problems by relieving pressure and providing support; they also provide comfort.

During pregnancy, for example, the birthing partner bean bag moulds itself to the user's body shape, providing total comfort from early pregnancy right through to labour. In fact, a lot of labour wards purchase the 'Labour Suite' range by Great Bean Bags to provide the best supportive equipment to women.

The birthing mat enables ease of movement during labour, with 2 way stretch fabric to help you move around and get into the right positions, while being as comfortable as you can be at the same time. The fabric used is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, fluid-proof and breathable.

Then there are also birthing partner bean bags, which can either be used flat or on its side as a lounger, using bean fluidity to provide the perfect shape. Chair covers are also available for enhanced hygiene.

If you suffer from a bad back, then the Care chair is the perfect choice for you - acting as a bucket chair, you can fill it as much or as little as you like with beans. So you can have full control over finding the right balance for optimum comfort.

For those who are recovering from lower leg surgery, fractures or other problems, the Elevate lower leg support combines the perfect height and firmness to provide the right support to legs. This helps prevent swelling and subsequent potentially life-threatening conditions that come from not propping your leg up properly.

So the benefits of clever little beans, distributed in such a way to provide support, and shaped in a specifically designed way for medical purposes are many. And this is exactly why hospitals and clinics as well as individuals use Great Bean Bags to provide their patients with comfortable apparatus to use to aid their therapy.

Whether you work for a hospital, or want to use this equipment at home to continue your recovery, medical bean bags are available to buy and use either in a medical environment or in the comfort of your own home.

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