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The Cafeteria Terrorist

 article about cafeteria terrorist
Important Notice: If FBI/CIA was to request and article about this topic, the article could look similar to this. Full of stupidity. We considered writing a humorous piece, but...why not scare you with simple fact-based informational article that has been written based on an FBI document. No leaked document, just a publicly available moronic document called "Communities against Terrorism."

The term terrorist scares pretty much everyone. This is due to the use of violence to intimidate individuals so as to gain some sort of favour through force. This act is considered an act of terrorism and it is executed by persons referred to as terrorists. Terrorism can take place anywhere and there are no exceptions as long as the intended message gets to the intended persons.

When it comes to terrorism, it can take any form. It could be a mass killing from bombings, release of a viral infection etc. You never know where they may hit. The cafeteria terrorist is one among the various acts of terrorism. Yes! I said Cafeteria.

You are probably wondering why the cafeteria. A terrorist attack aims at bringing down a large number of people and choosing a cafeteria suits this objective. In order for them to drive fear into citizens, terrorists must leave behind a dreadful and messy scene that will linger into the minds of people for some time.

Cafeterias are mostly flocked by people of all walks of life and the numbers visiting cannot be monitored due to congestion. These two conditions are just perfect for a terrorist attack. It facilitates mass killings and identification is not a problem they are concerned with.

The cafeteria terrorist uses the element of surprise so as to leave individuals in shock. Terrorism and terrorists are usually not picky, everyone is a target.

It is therefore important to keep a lookout at all times. Terrorist attacks are always planned for and the persons behind it go through all the trouble of researching about the place they intend to bomb or carry out the activity, its surroundings and every small detail they may be in need of to successfully carry out the operation. Everyone becomes a suspect as you cannot trust even a man claiming to be a priest - terrorists can disguise themselves as anything. You can never be too sure of someone's identity.

Since you cannot point a finger at everyone, there are some character traits that, when observed, should be reported to law enforcement. The cafeteria is generally a public place and it can be difficult to notice suspicious characters. But if you notice the following as you try to enjoy your break or serve your customers, there might be reason for concern.

  • Though in public, they try to fit in a private area so as to shield themselves.
  • Payments are always cash and use of credit cards reveals use of different names.
  • Use of multiple SIM cards.
  • They are very protective of what is theirs.

In case you get a glimpse of what these people look for in internet, you will be shocked to find that they put emphasis on code use. In most cases this will be difficult for you to comprehend. Additionally, they will shield addresses and encrypt data so as to keep it away from the general public. Privacy is therefore upheld in extreme.

The internet is home to all answers. You have a problem...just surf the internet for a solution. Potential terrorists will also take advantage of this. If you notice someone always downloading content of extreme violent nature, gathering information on specific regions in detail, making online purchases of toxic equipment and surfing through attack equipment, then you need to raise an alarm.

An individual should never take on these kind of suspects on their own. It is their duty to report this to a law enforcement authority. To help the law enforcement body, keep away from the suspect, but try to gather relevant information concerning them. This may include license plates or car description if any, and the person's description. Under no circumstance should you search further into what the suspected terrorist was surfing for as it may be traced back to you.

Editor's note: I suddenly felt I might be a terrorist. Someone must have been looking. To get my work done, I simply sit in a cafeteria, sometimes in a private area. If I have cash, it's good - this way I can leave as fast as I need, without the need to wait for the card payment. If I pay with cards, I have cards with different names, okay, different bank, and then there's my personal cards and my company cards. I always keep two mobile phones, one for work, one for personal life. And I'm quite protective of my things. I like my things. Or then again, sometimes I go to take a piss and leave my laptop on the table. Could it be an explosive laptop, the observer might be thinking...And I do like some stupid violence in internet, and downloading the "Saw" series...well, even though I'm a bit embarrassed about it, I have done it. And whenever I go travelling, I gather information on a specific region in detail.


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