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It's time to take a selfie!

 article about Its time to take a selfie!

That's right, the newly "legally" accepted word selfie has been making waves with even presidents and prime ministers taking selfies of themselves. What we are suggesting is just a bit different though. We are suggesting you to take a selfie of your nutritious healthy go-to food. And we suggest that for a good reason, as the winner of the best food selfie will be winning a four day healthy cooking retreat with the Conscious Gourmet. And not only, among the offered prizes are also smartphones filled with healthy apps, one on one sessions with a nutritionist for a year as well as subscriptions to health magazine.

And all you need to do to be eligible to win any of those prizes is take a selfie of your healthy snack, write a few words about why it's your healthy go-to food and post it on The contest is open until June 21, 2014 and is meant to promote healthy lifestyle as well as the Cigna Go YOU website that is meant to celebrate overcoming life's challenges, inspire people and offer insights by physicians, clinicians and behaviorists, it's meant to celebrate the triumph of life and individualism.

"Every day there's an opportunity to get a boost of encouragement, energy and excitement to take on the day with our health in mind," says Benjamin Karsch, Cigna's Head of Brand, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing. "Whether it's spinach or a protein shake after a workout, food fuels us to be at our best. This contest celebrates that with our audience."

Take a selfie of your nutritious food and head over to now!

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