Since its 18th Century beginnings, Roulette has riveted players becoming one of the best loved games in land based casinos and more recently, online. Thanks to itunes' Roulette app, the game is optimized for handhelds and easily available for download allowing fans of the game to spin the wheel of fortune and enjoy anywhere, anytime. The roulette app was clearly developed by a team of experts not only in the game, but in what players want as far as usability and a fully immersive gaming experience. Moreover, the app offers a variety of leading online roulette platforms based on a European Roulette table one of the most well-known variants of the game. Other features include gaming options for all levels of players' expertise, the ability to chat with other gamers, easy registration, outstanding bonuses, a fun play option, and many additional features. Importantly, Roulette's use of incredible graphics and a user-friendly design ensure that players experience the same thrills as playing in a land-based casino.

 article about Why these Gaming Apps are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
As more and more players access their favorite games online and increasingly from their handhelds it is often difficult to know where to start in finding and choosing the best online casino app. The place to start is undoubtedly the Online Casino app also available at itunes. As simple as its name might seem, there is nothing unsophisticated about this app. In fact, it pulls out all the stops to bring players the most user-friendly and exciting online casino experience. It features the greatest games with the best quality and usability catering to novices and experienced players alike. Throw in excellent graphics, top-notch design, and plenty of chances to win and you have hours of Vegas-style entertainment at your fingertips!

Another outstanding itunes application is Casino Games. This app brings you lists of the top casino sites to save you from doing the guesswork, trial, and error. The app offers all the latest innovations, tools, cool features, new themes, leading design, safety and reliability, and an accessible interactive experience. The games offered are of the highest standard and beyond. The app definitely gets a thumbs up for offering players of all levels loads of fun bonuses, excellent promotions and hours of excitement.

 article about Why these Gaming Apps are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
Last, but certainly not least is itunes' Free Online Blackjack. This app takes the cake when it comes to finding the most superb, mobile-friendly version of the classic, well-loved game of Blackjack. It takes the popular card game to a new level with its wide variety of Blackjack variants including Vegas, Europe Casino, Atlantic City and more; outstanding promos and bonuses to get you off to a winning start; great designs especially suited to iPhones; stunning graphics and wonderful animations; and the option to play in tournaments or video blackjack with a live dealer for that real Vegas experience. Add to that a chat option, hundreds of tables and VIP suites, and great customer service!

Whichever app you pick to play your favorite game, these will bring you hours of entertainment and are packed with surprises definitely the best things since sliced bread!