While some Android app developers may be searching for the best demand side platform, many users of Android mobile devices are on the lookout for the best apps that they can use for any occasion. In both cases, there are multiple options. As a result, so much competition can make it hard to know what product is the one that will ideally suit your needs and desires.

However, with that mind, the following are 5 of the top Android apps that are best suited to just about any occasion:
 article about The 5 Best Android Apps for Every Occasion

1. Waze

This is a must-have app for drivers. In addition to being a handy GPS, this app will let you know if traffic is bad, if there are police on the road, if there is an accident or if a road is closed. It provides reports of road conditions and can help guide you to the most efficient route to reach your destination.

2. Inbox

The next-gen technology for Google Gmail client, Inbox, helps to make Gmail flow with greater efficiency. You can easily create reminders, snooze, pin, etc. with this email client.

3. Children Tracker

This is an app that will bring every parent peace-of-mind. Install the root app on your child's Android phone and monitor their phone habits. Track location, app usage, web surfing, texts, etc.
 article about The 5 Best Android Apps for Every Occasion

4. Songza

This streaming music app instantly puts you in touch with a massive database of diverse playlists. No matter your mood, the environment or event, you'll find a playlist filled with music that will perfectly accommodate any occasion.

5. Evernote

Take notes, record audio, take snapshots, clip articles, etc. With Evernote, you will have a digital notepad that's far superior and more convenient than a paper notebook. Best of all, you can synchronize your account with your PC.