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Must Dos for a Memorable Wedding

 article about Must Dos for a Memorable Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It's a time of tremendous celebration, both for you and the groom and your families and friends. Your wedding also requires lots of organizing and preparation. Even if you have a small wedding, there are activities to complete. For starters, you and your fiancé will have to apply for a wedding license. You also have to decide if you want to exchange traditional wedding vows or create your own wedding vows.

Selecting a venue to hold the wedding ceremony and choosing a minister to marry you are other actions that have to be completed. Depending on your religion, you might decide to get married at a church that you and/or your fiancé attend. Some worship centers will work with you to create a team of organizers who will help handle your wedding invitations, floral arrangements, decorations, entertainment options, refreshments and designs for your wedding thank you cards.

Other must dos to complete so you have a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception could be handled by you and the groom. You could also solicit the help of friends as you move forward with completing these additional action items which call for you to:

  • Determine how much money you are going to spend on your wedding ceremony and reception (this includes placing a limit on how much you are going to spend on flowers, entertainment, refreshments, invitations and wedding thank you cards)
  • Select a date to get married on
  • Lease equipment like food heaters, microphones, etc.
  • Design covers for wedding invitations and wedding thank you cards
  • Choose food preparers (to save money, you could go with a single venue that's large enough to hold the wedding ceremony, reception and prepare fresh food for your guests)
  • Get clear about the numbers of guests that will be at your wedding ceremony (this will play a factor in how much you spend on invitations and wedding thank you cards)
  • Select bridesmaids and grooms men
  • Get fitted for your wedding gown; make sure the groom is fitted for his tuxedo as well
  • Decide how you want your hair styled. You also might want to get a manicure and pedicure one to two days before your wedding date
  • Perform two to three rehearsal walk thrus
  • Send out wedding invitations
  • Review your wedding invitation list, cleaning it up as needed, so you can send out wedding thank you cards to the right people
  • Pay for your honeymoon. Give yourself a year to save money to cover expenses related to your wedding, reception and honeymoon as these costs can easily exceed several thousand dollars

Also, make sure that each vendor you work with, including vendors who will handle your wedding invitations and wedding thank you cards, have your contact information. Because this is a busy time, it's a good idea to give vendors your home and cell phone numbers. According to the Bahamas Weekly, it's also a good idea to work with a wedding planner as you prepare for activities during and after your wedding ceremony.

After all, this may be your first wedding. But, a wedding planner has helped organize dozens, perhaps hundreds of wedding ceremonies and receptions. A wedding planner knows and has contact information for some of the most talented florists, entertainers, food vendors, wedding invitation designers and wedding thank you cards firms.  Some of these vendors include companies like Postable, Hallmark and The Knot.

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